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Howdy ho! I'm RedRollerskate, a twentysomething female from Flyover Country, USA. I've had problems with stalkers in the past, so I will not reveal my exact location or real name. I'm in graduate school these days, so my contribution history is a little erratic; I may post a lot of things one week and then go three weeks without contributing anything.

Did I tag your page for deletion?[edit]

If I put a speedy deletion, proposed deletion or articles for deletion tag on a page you made, please don't get upset. Some people think that because I want the article to be deleted from Wikipedia I must think the subject is a bad person, has contributed nothing to society, etc. This is completely false. It's not about being a good person or a bad person, it's about being notable. Take Saddam Hussein: definitely an evil person, but (alas) notable enough for Wikipedia. My mom? Definitely a good person (hi Mom, yes I'll call you), but not notable enough for Wikipedia (sorry, Mom). Now, suppose she got a book published or became a crime lord or became a member of Congress or even a conductor of a major orchestra. Then she'd be notable enough, and then I'd write an article about her (or at least protect it from vandalism).

If you really are notable, chances are somebody outside of your friends and family will write a Wikipedia article about you. If that didn't happen (or it did but it got deleted), create an account and make yourself a user page. And if you really do become famous, we'll add you to the List of notable Wikipedians.

Stuff I should do[edit]

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