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I am currently taking a break from editing.

My wikipedia projects[edit]

Here are some of the projects I am working on:

"General Assembly Projects'

  • Create pages for every PA house and senate district
Standardize the naming system for house and senate districts
Redirect all legacy redlinked PA house and PA senate articles to correct articles
William Slocum, R-Warren County, served a month in prison and was fined $15,000 in 2000 for violating federal water pollution laws. Senator, 1997-2000.
Thomas Druce, R-Bucks County, served a 2-to-4-year prison sentence after pleading guilty in September 2000 to leaving the scene of a fatal accident, tampering with evidence and insurance fraud after he struck and killed a pedestrian with his state-leased sport utility vehicle. Representative, 1993-2000.
Frank Gigliotti, D-Brookline, sentenced to 46 months in prison after he pleaded guilty in 2000 to mail fraud and extortion, including a trip to Disney World. Representative, 1989-2000.
Tracy Seyfert, R-Crawford County, sentenced to six months in prison in 2000 for illegally obtaining a generator for firefighters then covering up the incident. Representative, 1997-2000.
Frank Serafini, R-Luzerne County, convicted in 1999 in corruption case involving illegal campaign contributions. Representative, 1979-2000.
Dan Delp, R-York County, pleaded guilty in 1998 to supplying alcohol to two underage prostitutes. Originally tried to bill the expense to taxpayers. Senator, 1995-1998. [1]

Row Offices Projects

Create Ernie Preate article
Create 2008 election blurb
Create 2008 election blurb
Create Robin Wiessmann article
Create 2008 election blurb

Judiciary Projects

  • Create pages for every supreme court, commonwealth court, and superior court judge
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