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Hi, my handle is Red Darwin. That's my nome de Wiki, you might say.

I am a Southern boy who is not a Red Stater, thus the irony in my handle. I am not religious and an ardent believer in science. I believe the scientific method is the greatest human thought yet.

Here's a hint of my origins: Go Falcons! Michael Vick Rules!

Here's another hint to my nome de Wiki: I'm part Cherokee. Still can't figure out where I'm from? Think of a famous Ray Charles song.

As for me? I am a freelance writer who's worked in proofreading, and was advised by a friend (whose name I shan't reveal!) that the Wiki crowd was a good place to brush up on my skills. That is when I've time to spare- better than porno sites, right? Too many run-on sentences and mispunctuations. Plus, I hope to do occasional articles and links and additions in topics as wide-ranging as pro wrestling to evolution to world literature to Burma, Walt Whitman, and William F. Buckley. I've been a contributor to articles published in numerous magazines including Sports Illustrated, and assorted outdoorsman publications.

As you might guess from my nome de Wiki I love provocateurs like Charles Darwin, Walt Whitman, William F. Buckley, Albert Einstein, Mohandas Gandhi, and Isaac Newton.

I look forward to working in the community, but be warned- the wrath of my red pen knows no bounds! Ok, no red pens here, but mind your p's, q's, and semi-colons! However, I shall err at first, so forgive, and I shall improve to something aimed at divinity.

First Article Created[edit]

I have created my first article, a literary entry on storySouth magazine. Red Darwin 22:51, 24 October 2005 (UTC)

Copyright Info[edit]

For those with copyright concerns a good place to see what is and is not kosher is this link:

and specifically this one:

Hope this helps. Cheers, Red Darwin 18:55, 27 October 2005 (UTC)