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What am I?[edit]

(Apart from asking for vandalism?)

My main interests are history, music from the 1960s until the early 21st century and sport.

Apparently I'm a Wikistalker, if reverting repeated vandalism makes me that, guilty as charged?

My Links[edit]

to this day..... 'To this day' is very rarely needed or even meaningful.

No. edits

>High pending changes backlog: 14 pages according to DatBot as of 05:38, 19 August 2019 (UTC)


I don't like everything about Wikipedia, but I stick to the rules, if you don't like the rules go elsewhere. If you think Wikipedia is merely a place to express your opinion then you're in the wrong place. It's simple, don't vandalise, provide citations and be civil, then you won't go far wrong.


If I make what you consider a mistake, please tell me on my talk page, so that I know for future reference. I do not keep all pages I edit on my watch list.

Please don't call a change a typo if it is more than a typing error. If the page increased or decreased by more than one or two characters, it is not a typo.

Varieties of English[edit]

I wish that some non-British English speakers would take notice of this page American and British English differences. Do they think that we British are so stupid we always mistype 'center' as 'centre' and 'color' as 'colour'? It seems some people do not understand their own variety of English a band ending in a plural 's' is treated as plural even in the US. And whilst I'm in a ranting mood, most British people, do not have Cockney accents or like warm beer, but we do have a massive variety of accents and beers.

My Photographs[edit]

Wollaton Park Medical Centre and Co-op Pharmacy
Bench in Stapleford, installed by Stapleford Rural District

My Boxes[edit]

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