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Move along now, not much to see here :-) Well OK, I better put something here.

I'm from Belfast in Northern Ireland and I started editing in 2009, mostly minor edits (grammar, punctuation, spelling etc.) but I have on occasion created new articles, mainly related to Football in England and Northern Ireland. I am a Manchester United and Linfield supporter, so I tend to have an interest in articles relating to those clubs, and the competitions that they play in. However I'm also a fan of football as a whole, including those clubs lower down the football pyramids.

Recently I've been concentrating on Northern Irish League and Cup competitions, as well as club articles. I created the IFA/NIFL Championship season articles, Northern Ireland's 2nd and 3rd tiers of football.

I am by no means infallible. I have sometimes made mistakes (as you will see on my talk page) - most editors will have done the same I'm sure. By learning from these mistakes I will become a better editor.

Articles I'm currently working on[edit]