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I am an engineer from San Francisco who has been living and working in France for the past twenty years.

My main interests with respect to Wikipedia fall under the general theme of "convivial tools," for example: Ivan Illich, appropriate technology, free software, open source hardware, open design, collective intelligence. Send email to conviviality(at)ouvaton(dot)org.

I created my user account in August 2007. My participation on Wikipedia consists mostly of small-scale wiki-gnome efforts, such as filling gaps in articles in the restricted areas that interest me most, although I have created a few articles from scratch.

Articles I have contributed to:[edit]

  • Ivan Illich: added a paragraph on Illich's book "Tools for Conviviality," as well as "see also" links (there were none)
  • Lee Felsenstein: rearranged the article to give it a proper introduction and to put the life in chronological order, and added "see also" links (there were none)
  • Whole Earth Catalog: moved the Steve Jobs "Stay hungry, stay foolish" quote from the intro to the paragraph dealing with his Stanford commencement address
  • MeatballWiki: expanded the article from a stub into one page, and added footnotes, "see also" links and additional "external links"
  • Virtual Community: added MeatballWiki to list of landmark wiki communities
  • Sunir Shah: this is first article I have created from scratch (to do so I had to break the redirect, so this is perhaps the second time an article with this name has been created)
    • I clearly owe you a beer. Thank you for such an excellent write up. I'm kind of embarassed and flattered. Long live GAMEDEV! ;) -- Sunir Shah
      • Glad you like it. If I come to Toronto I'll take you up on that beer. Or maybe if you come to Paris... -- Redeyed Treefrog 08:18, 17 October 2007 (UTC)
      • Sunir - The NewReductionists are at it again. Just as the original WikiReductionists deleted your pages from WikiWikiWeb in the earliest hours of the morning, so the NewReductionists profited from the Christmas break to delete this article without my being able to even participate in the debate. History will vindicate you. -- Redeyed Treefrog 21:58, 23 January 2008 (UTC)
  • Howto: modified the "External Links" section, putting the list in rational order and adding comments to indicate what each linked how-to site is all about
  • Forum administrator: added mention of increasing use of wikis in place of bulletin board systems, and added "see also" links
  • CvWiki: created article (in fact, created it again, because an article of this name was apparently deleted in August 2006)
  • Open design: added paragraph on "Sources of the open design mouvement" plus associated footnotes, added section headings to some other existing sections
  • History of wikis: this is the first really big article that I have created from scratch
  • WhyClublet: created this article, together with a redirect to it from Richard Drake. The article got deleted by User:Marasmusine under "Speedy A7" procedure, as concerning "web content with no assertion of notability." User:Marasmusine moved this article to User:Redeyed_Treefrog/WhyClublet.