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Redheylin edits wiki-articles.[1] Somewhere around 20,000 edits at the moment, but a couple of thousand were category edits: I did my international service as a Wikignome by sorting out the categorisation of music articles. I also worked on the lives of notable biologists, key music theory articles, the history of popular music and the highways and byways of mysticism and philosophy. I've started a few articles but turned far more into redirects, merging and WP:Notdicking like a thing possessed, and cutting duplicate and OR text to the ultimate benefit of the Wiki server. As a pro subeditor sometimes I copy-edit just for legibility without bothering about adding more cites, and I like to find a good picture, all of which makes me a bit of a fairy. Sometimes I cite like mad when an article needs nailing down in authoritative sources. Sometimes I do a bit of WP:30 when feeling WP:Elfish.

Life and times[edit]


  1. ^ Two references are required on behalf of all prospective employees.

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