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  • ...that according to Hindu mythology, the deity Revanta (pictured) was born from the union of the sun-god Surya and his wife Saranya in the form of horse and mare? (On 22 Mar 2008)
  • ...that Hindus believe that god Vishnu falls asleep in the cosmic ocean of milk on the cosmic serpent, for a period of four months on the day of Shayani Ekadashi? (On March 30)
  • ..that unlike other sampradayas in Hinduism, which insist that the clergy lead an ascetic's life, the clergy in most Rudra sampradaya sects are expected to marry and live a worldly life with their family? (On April 25)
Prithu - Crop.jpg
  • ... that according to Hindu mythology, the "first king" Prithu chased the Earth in the form of a cow (pictured), who eventually agreed to yield her milk as all the world's grain and vegetation? (29-7-08)
  • ... that according to Hindu tradition, donation of a kamandalu in funeral rituals ensures the deceased has ample drinking water in his after-life journey? (26-8-08)
Prince of Wales Museum
  • ... that according to different versions of his legend, Hindu cattle-god Bir Kuar was either killed by a tigress, seven witches, Mughal soldiers, or his own sister? (15 July 2009)
  • ... that on Sarvapitri amavasya (today), Hindus offer food to the ancestors, who are believed to accept the offering through a crow? (18-sept)
Goddess Kali
Nefertiti bust
Shanti Stupa
Morgaon Ganesha temple
Morya Gosavi
  • ... that seven generations of Morya Gosavi (pictured) – a prominent saint of the Ganapatya Hindu sect – were worshipped as incarnations of the god Ganesha, and his tomb still attracts many Ganesha devotees? (25-1-10)
  • ... that the self-decapitated Hindu goddess Chinnamasta (pictured) standing on a copulating couple signifies that life, death and sex are interdependent? (2-3-10)
A dark woman with a halo, wearing dark clothes and gold ornaments sits on a crow and holdings a winnowing basket.
  • ... that the Hindu widow goddess Dhumavati (pictured) is offered liquor, meat, cigarettes and bhang, an intoxicating hashish drink? (11-3-10)
A wooden nude woman, wearing garlands and holding a flower and parrot, leaning on a stick. Two bearded nude men stand by her sides with folded hands held above their heads.
An eight-armed seated woman dressed in a sari, holding a child and various weapons, ripping the womb of a woman, lying on her lap, while trampling a man
  • ... that Tamil Hindu parents dedicate their one-month-old children to the goddess Periyachi (pictured), who is depicted ripping a woman's womb? (31 April)
a blue monster without a head and with a big face on his chest. Two men holding swords seated on his two arms
  • ... that the demon Kabandha (pictured), from the Hindu epic Ramayana, is described to be as big as a mountain, headless, and with arms eight miles long? (29 April)
A partly broken terracotta relief of a man with his left elbow thrust in a fierce horse's mouth, restraining it with his leg. A dead horse below the fighting pair.
A topless woman wearing a red sari, standing in the clouds
  • ... that according to the Hindu epic Mahabharata, the apsara Tilottama (pictured) was so beautiful that the god-king Indra developed a thousand eyes on his body to see her? (26 May)
  • ... that according to Ramayana adaptations, Mandodari – the wife of the ten-headed demon Ravana – was the mother of Sita, whose kidnapping by Ravana would lead to his doom? (19 June)
  • ... that according to Hindu cosmology, women seduce and increase the sexual energy of men – who enter the first realm of the underworld – by intoxicating them? (8-7-2010)
Stone sculpture of a broad woman seated on a throne, with two attendants
  • ... that a good wife is prescribed to propitiate Jyestha (pictured) – the Hindu goddess of misfortune – to keep the goddess away from her home? (9-7-2010)
  • ... that the Hindu goddess Chhaya was born from the shadow of goddess Sanjna and replaced Sanjna in her house, after the latter abandoned her husband? (13 July)
  • ... that Vidyadharas, semi-gods of Hindu mythology, milked Mother Earth, who had assumed the form of a cow, to collect mystic powers and the art of flying as her milk? (16 July)
A sandstone statue of a two-armed, seated Kubera.
  • ... that originally described as the Lord of thieves, Kubera (pictured) is now worshipped as the Hindu god of wealth and the regent of the North? (18-7-10)
  • ... that Sarama is a bitch – in Hindu mythology – who snatches human foetuses from the womb? (22-7-10)
A horse-faced green man in a dhoti
  • ... that according to Hindu mythology, the "king of songs" Tumburu (pictured) performed severe austerities to get a horse-face? (24-7-10)
Stone sculpture of a divine couple
  • ... that many sex positions derive their Sanskrit names from that of the Hindu goddess of sexual pleasure – Rati (pictured with her husband, the lovegod Kama)? (5-8-10)
  • ... that the 1975 Indian film Jai Santoshi Maa propelled the then little-known "new" goddess Santoshi Mata to the pan-Indian Hindu pantheon? (19 October)
Radha as Khandita with the nayaka Krishna
  • ... that Khandita (illustrated) is an enraged heroine in Indian arts, whose lover cheats on her and spends the night with another woman? (26 Oct)
Female faced and breasted, winged white cow with a peacock's tail
  • ... that the eleven Hindu deities, the Rudras, are associated with the ten vital energies of the body and the soul, and their departure is said to cause death and tears? (30 Nov)
A sari-clad, crowned woman holding two children and standing on a cat
  • ... that initially described as devouring children on the sixth day after birth, today the Hindu goddess Shashthi (pictured) is worshiped on this day as the protector of children? (9 Dec)
  • ... that in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Satyavati (pictured) – who initially stank of fish – was blessed with the musk fragrance by a sage, with whom she had premarital sex? (23 Dec, 17.8k hits)
A monkey-couple, dressed in royal Indian clothes
  • ... that the monkey-queen Tara (pictured with her first husband) is described in the Hindu epic Ramayana to have set a habit to visit her second husband Sugriva drunk before indulging in sex? (31 Jan)
Half-male, half-female torso sculpture
  • ... that the Hindu deity Ardhanarishvara (pictured) is depicted with the right half as male, sometimes with an erect penis, and the left half as female with a well-developed breast? (14 Feb)
Stone sculpture of a nude, four-armed man with a deer, dwarf and woman
Ahalya crop.jpg
A deity with one leg and three torsos
Temple shikara
Siddhivinayak Temple, Siddhatek
  • ... that the right-trunked Ganesha icon of the Siddhivinayak Temple (pictured) is considered to be very powerful and a giver of success and powers? (1 Sept)
chief gate of temple
Matangi, Kalighat painting
  • ... that the taboo offering of a cloth stained with menstrual blood to the Hindu goddess Matangi (pictured) is thought to grant the ability to attract a mate? (21 Sept)
Nabin kills Elokeshi
  • ... that as per Hindu beliefs, people who have sex with animals are tortured in Hell after death (pictured)? (2 Nov)
  • ... that some versions of theRamayana narrate that the demon Ravana abducts an illusionary double of Sita, rather than the real one? (26-Jun-13)
  • ... that the soldiers who die by sword neither bravely nor cowardly are described as going to the abode of "the hidden ones" in Hinduism? (16-Apr-14)
  • ... that Aghoris sit on a corpse and meditate and finally decapitate the corpse to gain control over the soul of the deceased? (26-May)
  • ... that Rahul Shewale recently won a Mumbai seat in the Parliament of India by a margin of 138,000 votes? (2-June)
  • ... that worshippers of Haridra Ganapati used to brand the image of the god on their palms? (26-June)
  • ... that Mahaganapati (pictured) is a depiction of the Supreme Being? (26-June)
  • ... that the Hindu elephant-headed god Ganesha may be depicted as a crawling infant eating sweets? (28-June)
  • ... that the horned god Naigamesha was worshipped as the patron of childbirth? (30-June)
  • ... that Jayanta is said to have pecked the goddess Sita's breast as a crow? (2-Jul)
  • ... that in the Sita Puranamu, Sarama is admonished as the woman who turned her husband Vibhishana against his brother Ravana? (4-Jul)
  • ... that a bridge between India and Sri Lanka is said to have been built by a monkey? (7 July)
  • ... that Jaratkaru insisted on marrying a virgin with his own name? (8 July)
  • ... that Jayanti is said to have asked the god Shukra to create a haze to shield their lovemaking from the world for ten years? (13 July)
  • ... that the Tantric deity Uchchhishta Ganapati is often depicted with a naked goddess, each touching the other's genitals? (14 July)
Four-faced mukhalinga
  • ... that the four-faced linga (pictured) may be called a "linga with five faces"? (31 July)
Kartikeya with Devasena and Valli
  • ... that Devasena represents Heaven while her co-wife Valli (both pictured with their husband) represents the earth? (1 Aug)
Nila, Balinese painting
  • ... that Nila (pictured), leader of the monkey army, is said to have urinated on the heads of the demon Ravana and disturbed his sacrifice? (7 Aug)
  • ... that the Hindu deity Heramba, protector of the weak, is associated with rites for inflicting harm on one's enemies? (22 Aug)
  • ... that the demoness Trijata is described as the ideal of a true friend by Indologist Camille Bulcke? (14 Sept)
  • ... that the Hindu saint Sena Nhavi says that barbers show the "mirror of discrimination" and cut the "hair of egotism" and the "nails of passion"? (3 Dec)
Sheikh Muhammad

Collaborated in creation/expansion[edit]

Deepa Stamba on the bank of the water tank in front of the Shakambari temple.JPG
Tungnath temple.jpg
  • ... that the Hindu shrine Tungnath (pictured) is closed during winter and a symbolic image of the temple's presiding deity is moved to Mukunath, 19 km (12 mi) away?

(3 Aug 2009, with Nvvchar)

Kedarnath Temple, first of the Panch Kedar temples
  • ... that according to Hindu mythology, the god Shiva assumed the form of a bull and his hump, arms, face, navel and hair are worshipped at the Panch Kedar temples (Kedarnath pictured) in Uttarakhand, India?(5 Aug 2009, with Nvvchar)
  • ... that the river Vaitarani that flows near the Rudranath Hindu shrine is identified with the "river of salvation", where souls of the dead cross to the other world? (5 Aug 2009, with Nvvchar)
  • ... that because the only approach to Badrinath, Uttarakhand, India, since early times was along a path through a forest of berries, the word "Badri" (berry) was suffixed to Sapta Badri temples? (with Nvvchar, 15 Aug 09)
Confluence of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers
Ganesha carved in wood
Vamana pushing Bali to the nether-world
  • ... that according to Hindu mythology, Balipratipada commemorates the victory of the god Vishnu in his dwarf incarnation Vamana (pictured), defeating demon king Bali, and pushing him to the nether world? (19-10-09, with Nvvchar)
  • ... that according to Hindu mythology, Ila was cursed to change his/her gender every month? (with Yobmod, 9-Nov 09)
The Shakyamuni Buddha of Shey Monastery
Carved shankhas
  • ... that because of its aquatic origin and resemblance to the vulva, the shankha (carved examples pictured) is linked with female fertility and is an integral part of Tantric rites? (with Nvvchar, 4-1-2010)
  • ... that today on Mattu Pongal, the bull riding sport Jallikattu (pictured) – that has led to deaths in the past – is traditionally conducted in the villages of Tamil Nadu, India? (with Nvvchar, 15-1-2010)
Paduka footwear
Dancing Ganesha
  • ... that today – on Ganesh Jayanti (Ganesha's birthday) – the Hindu god Ganesha (pictured) is worshipped by couples to beget a son?(with Nvvchar, 19-1-2010)
Shiva as Sharabha
  • ... that the Hindu mythical beast Sharabha (pictured, god Shiva as Sharabha), described as mightier than the lion and elephant, is included in the list of edible animals in the Mahabharata? (with Nvvchar, 29-1-2010)
Diskit Monastery
A statue of Varahi, 1000-1100 CE
Brahma Temple, Pushkar, India
Elephanta  Caves Trimurti
  • ... that the prominent Hindu Ganesha cave temple at Lenyadri is located in vicinity of about 30 Buddhist caves? (with Nvvchar, 8-3-2010)
  • ... that Hindu sadhus live in the cremation grounds of Tarapith as they believe that goddess Tara – who is attracted to bones – dwells there? (with Nvvchar, 8-7-2010)
  • ... that Hindus fast without food or water on Nirjala Ekadashi in the hot Indian summer to propitiate the god Vishnu? ( Nvvchar, 21-Nov-12)
Indian gooseberry, or Amla (Phyllanthus emblica)
  • ... that veneration of the Amla tree (pictured), in particular on Amalaka Ekadashi, is due to the belief that the god Vishnu resides in and near the tree? ( Nvvchar, 22-Nov-12)
Tourist and pilgrim boats on Ganges River on the occasion of Dev Deepawali festival on Karthik Purnima
  • ... that about 100,000 people visit Varanasi today (pictured) to see the city and the Ganges lit with lamps? (Nvvchar, 28 Nov)
  • ... that Hindus worship Krishna (pictured) on Kamada Ekadashi for fulfilment of all desires? (Nvvchar, 3 Dec)
  • ... that amorous couples and erotic scenes are depicted on the outer walls of the Vimala Temple? (Nvvchar, 4 Dec)
  • ... that the "wide-eyed" goddess of North India forms a triad with love-eyed and fish-eyed goddesses of the South? (Nvvchar, 6 Dec)
Hinglaj Mata Mandir in Pakistan
Anantashayana Vishnu carved in sandstone in the riverbed
The chariot
Shiva offering discus (Chakra) to Vishnu
  • ... that Kankalamurti (pictured) carries a staff on which the bones of the arms and legs of the slain person are tied? (Nvvchar, 16 Jan)
A colossal stone sculpture of Varaha in Khajuraho, India
  • ... that the Hindu scriptures describe how a boar (pictured) rescued the earth, which had been kidnapped and hidden in the primordial waters? (Nvvchar, 18 Jan)
Front view of Varahanatha Temple
Painting of five iconic heroines of Mahabharata and Ramayana epics of Hinduism
  • ... that each of the five heroines (pictured) from Hindu epics, venerated as exemplary chaste women, is recorded to have "known" at least one man other than her husband? (Nvvchar, 17 Feb)
A sculpted on the steps of the temple
  • ... that there are figures of many gods as well as, unusually, a tortoise (pictured), on the steps to the Saptashrungi temple, built in 1710 AD? (Nvvchar, 28 Mar)
Baroli Temples complex
  • ... that the Baroli Temples (temple complex pictured), one of the earliest temple complexes in Rajasthan, India, are reported to have been built during the Gurjara-Pratihara Empire in the 10th-11th centuries? (15-Apr, Nvvchar, Dr. Blofeld)
Sant Tukaram
  • ... that Sant Tukaram (scene pictured) was the first Indian film to receive international recognition and was adjudged as one of the three best films of the world at the Venice Film Festival? (3-May, Nvvchar)
Hunterwali film poster
Krishna with eight wives
Kumarakottam Temple towers
Symbol of Hinduism
  • ... that "an esoteric teaching of the science of Brahman" explains the structure of Om (pictured) and its sound? (Nvvchar, 28 Jan 2015)
  • ... that the Kaivalya Upanishad exalts the one who sees without eyes and hears without ears? (Nvvchar, 30 Jan)
  • ... that the rare clouds that shower in the desert are called "Uttanka's clouds"? (Nvvchar, 3 Feb)
  • ... that the Garuda Upanishad, dedicated to the "Lord of birds", includes spells claimed to cure wounds inflicted by poisonous snakes, ghosts, and demons? (Nvvchar, 4 Feb)
  • ... that according to the Atharvashikha Upanishad, Om represents the Hindu Trinity, the Vedic scriptures, Vedic poetic meters and holy fires? (Nvvchar, 11 Feb)
  • ... that the Krishna Upanishad advocates serving God by love and devotion to achieve emancipation? (Nvvchar, 13 Feb)
  • ... that the Hayagriva Upanishad is dedicated to a horse-headed god (pictured)? (Nvvchar, 15 Feb)
Chitrakoot Falls
  • ... that the Chitrakoot Falls (pictured) is often called "the Niagara Falls of India" because of its wide spread of water during the monsoon season? (Nvvchar, 20 Feb)
  • ... that the Dattatreya Upanishad describes the god Dattatreya variously as a child, a demon, crazy, and an ocean of knowledge? (Nvvchar, 20 Feb)
  • ... that according to the Brahma Upanishad, a living being controls all its senses similarly to a spider, which weaves its web with a single thread? (Nvvchar, 20 Feb)
  • ... that the Aruneya Upanishad says that an itinerant monk should practise chastity, nonviolence, truthfulness, and indifference to material possessions? (Nvvchar, 21 Feb)
  • ... the Atmabodha Upanishad explains "state of knowledge of the inner self"? (Nvvchar, 23 Feb)
  • ... that according to the Adhyatma Upanishad an intelligent person avoiding truth gets into an illusory state, in the same way as a reed pulled out does not remain straight? (Nvvchar, 27 Feb)
  • ... that Atma Upanishad tells about three types of "Self"? (Nvvchar, 2 Mar)
  • ... that Vasudeva Upanishad extols Vaishnava sectarian marks? (Nvvchar, 3 Mar)
Sivasagar Sivadol (Siva temple) in Sivasagar
  • ... that the 104-foot (32 m) Sivadol (pictured) in Sivasagar, Assam, is believed to be the tallestShiva temple in India? (Nvvchar, 4 Mar)
  • ... that the Skanda Upanishad preaches the unity of Vishnu and Shiva, gods of the rival Hindu sects? (Nvvchar, 4 Mar)
  • ... that the Advayataraka Upanishad defines a guru (teacher) as one who disperses darkness? (Nvvchar, 19 Mar)
  • ... that in the Sanskrit epic poem Ramayana, Krodhavasa, wife of Kashyapa, was short-tempered, and the children born to her were ferocious animals, birds, and fish, all monsters with sharp teeth? (Nvvchar, 30 Mar)
Shaiva sage


Balakrishna hampi.png
Vishnu resting on serpent Shesha, Dashavatara Temple, Deogarh

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