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Wikipedia would rather you didn't create articles about your or your friends' bands. We're building an encyclopedia here, and it's very unlikely that your article fits in with that.

The website MySpace specialises in free hosting for bands, clubs and groups. If your band already has a site there (and especially if it only has a site there) then you don't need an entry in an encyclopedia as well.

What right did Redvers have to delete the article?[edit]

We have criteria for speedy deletion that say what we can and can't delete. Your article would have fallen under one of those criteria. You're not the first to create an article here that gets deleted, so it's nothing personal. You're not the last either, sadly.

I want more proof Redvers had the right to delete my article![edit]

The Wikipedia policy on vanity articles can be reviewed here and here and the reason your article was deleted can be reviewed here.

Our policy on what it takes to get a band into Wikipedia is here.

Can't you make an exception for my band?[edit]

No. The rules about bands were developed over years, by hundreds of editors coming to a consensus. I'm not going to overturn that - if nothing else, someone else will come along and delete the article a few minutes later anyway.

But <X band> has an article here, so we should[edit]

It doesn't work that way - the existence of one article doesn't create a precedent for creation of another. But you can nominate the other band's article for deletion by editing it and putting {{subst:afd}} at the top and following the instructions that appear when you save the article.

I want to take revenge on Redvers[edit]

There's a queue, so you'll need to join the end of that. Also, since I didn't break any rules, there won't be much support elsewhere on Wikipedia, but you're welcome to try elsewhere.

I want to track Redvers down and kill him[edit]

Did that headline shock you? Well, the first time 3 teenagers and a guitar said it to me, I was shocked too. No more, I'm afraid. You are now welcome to try to track me down. To give you a clue to help you, I'm to be found in Europe.