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This is a copy of a reply I sent in response to an email inquiring about some recent username changes. --Jenny 13:38, 13 July 2008 (UTC)

I use one account at a time. I have used the following accounts in the past:

As you may appreciate, the signature is a Doctor Who reference. I changed usernames after someone complained that the "Anticipation" one was far too long (something I'd thought myself for some time), and as I changed my username directly after watching the Doctor Who episode "The Stolen Earth", the username suggested itself, and I soon added the Doctor Who-inspired nickname "Jenny" to my signature.

In October and November, 2006, I briefly used the account Rose Palmer. At the time I'd been engaged in rather high profile actions as a clerk and administrator, and felt the need to remove myself from all that and learn how to edit quietly again.

I have also registered a few other accounts that I have used for tests and whatnot but never for serious editing or comments. These are "Scunthorpe Man" and "Tasty Monster".

Scunthorpe Man was a test of someone's bot that tried to spot unsuitable usernames. It's based on an actual event in which, in the 1990s, AOL's registration disks inadvertently banned the town of Scunthorpe because it contains the letters C, U, N and T in an order that can be mistaken for a prurient anatomical reference. See Scunthorpe Problem.

Tasty Monster came from a remark by Raul654 on IRC about monstera deliciosa, the name of a plant that means, in English, "tasty monster".

I have an approved bot account, TonyBot, which only ever edits in userspace. It's been in operation since May, 2007.