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Hi. This is my user page. Please leave any messages on my talk page.

Ok, ok, I got a boring user page[edit]

Gee, it even looks like a talk page! I guess I never could get into flashy user pages. I long for those old days of HTML 1.0 back in 1993 ;-) Well, at least in those days you could chat with Tim Berners-Lee via email.

I have been around since April 2006. I enjoy contributing to Wikipedia. I see it as "returning a favour" as I have got a lot out of the encyclopedia.

  • Comment: Rather than hinting about who I am via userboxes, I'll just say here that I am a former PhD physicist and I am interested in religious history. I lived in the US and Europe most of my life however my origins are neither American nor European. I am a citizen of a European country.

Some Wikipedia accomplishments[edit]

I might start to list stuff here if I ever get anything worthy accomplished... :-D

Martin Bucer Theology of Huldrych Zwingli John Calvin Thomas Cranmer Huldrych Zwingli John Knox Joseph W. Tkach

  • Oppose: It's starting to get a bit flashy.
I allow myself one userbox
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