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Something like that, I am very depressed right now. However, I will check in a bit and revert vandalism.

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Hey, I'm KorinoChikara, and I've been here for a while. I am now back, and hoping to actually do some help, along with reverting vandalism. I will re-read the articles on Wikipedia.

I apologize if you do not like me, but let's be civil about it. If you can't talk to me politely, I would request you do not talk to me at all. I will treat you with respect, so I request the same.

If you need help with translating articles* to English, please do let me know. I love doing this a lot, and I will devote most of my time to it until it's done. I put translation and languages above all else, so... don't be scared to ask about it, I love any chance I get to increase my learning. I have quite a lot of sources with me, like books, (basic*) knowledge, some people who can help me if we both wish... Just don't be scared to request such things, or my help with it.

  • Basic meaning some are basic, others are fine
  • Languages I'd love to translate from are: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese

Though, if I do translate an article, I may need someone to look over it, and confirm it makes sense. What makes sense to me when I translate things, may not make sense to others.

Note: You can talk to me in quite a few languages, I have friends who can help me, and some knowledge with others. They are English (native), Danish (Have help with it and I am studying it more right now), Norwegian (have help with it), Spanish (have some help with it, but not very much), Russian (have help with it), Swedish (have help with it), Japanese (Also have help with this, and I've studied it), Finnish will be okay too, I have help with that as well. Either way, those languages are fine to talk to me in, as I have help with them (and somewhat basic understanding regardless, very good with the ones I study, I believe).

Another note, more important to me: Please do NOT be rude about my knowledge of English, even if I am a native English speaker. You should probably understand that I have not watched/listened to anything having to do with the English language for at least a year. I have also not had a full conversation with a native English speaker in a long while, as well. I have not even been studying it, I've been observing others more than before, and fascinated by them. It's a long story I will not go into completely, but please respect that. Just because I do not completely understand what you are saying doesn't mean I am less educated than you. You would probably have the same problem if you have grown up like me... let's leave it at that.

And finally, a note of vandalism: If I revert your edit incorrectly, please do let me know right away. So that I know what I did is wrong, and I won't do it again. Though I usually can pick up on that, and apologize. If something is out of my area of expertise, and I have no idea if it's right or wrong, I will usually ignore it (And sorry if that was vandalism, I just don't know, right now). However, if it is obvious vandalism I will revert it no matter my area of expertise. I have quite a lot of experience with vandalism, and I know very well what it is, and isn't.

Things I love[edit]

  • Vocaloid (Software), any version and all. I am a lot more familiar with the ones that came from Japan, or can sing in Japanese, too.
  • UTAU (Software), similar to Vocaloid.
  • Countries of the world, the ones I love most though are Denmark and Norway.
  • Language in general.
  • MMORPG's.
  • A wide variety of music, though I love the ones that tell stories the most.
  • MikuMikuDance (Software based on Vocaloid, though 3D)
  • Transformers. Watched all the cartoons/animated versions, I have watched the movies but I am not too fond of those.
  • J-Horror movies. Chakushin Ari series, Rinne, Ju-On series...
  • People, generally. I love to watch them, and learn from them.
  • Anime, but very few now.
  • Manga, but very few.
  • Huggle (Vandalism tool)
  • Humor, though I am quite easily amused.
  • The colors black, red, blue, purple, and green.
  • My friends and family, I love them most of all.
  • Just looking at this list.


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