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Piszę artykuły dla polskiej Wikipedii.

I support Polish language Wikipedia with my contributions.
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Hi! My name's Michał and I'm from Słupsk, city in Poland. I know British English quite good, so I would like to support

I vs Wikipedia[edit]

My adventure with Wikipedia started in November 2005, when I created my account on Polish Project. Next, I made account in Romanian Project and French Project. You can also find some parts of my editing on Czech and Kashubian versions, but I left them. I'm active on nine Wikipedias as of 13 VI 2006 r.

I hate English Wikipedia templates everywhere - for starting a box, for portal, for tout!

What do I do here?[edit]

There is nothing more to write in English Wikipedia, if we are talking about the spheres of my interest. I'm mostly active in Polish and Romanian language editions of that projects and translate English articles into Polish and Romanian, for example pl:Serbia and ro:Tori Amos. About 200 edits in English Wikipedia are:

  • adding interwiki
  • creating redirects
  • adding new userboxes (I love userboxes :P) to my user page

I'm also interested in politics of English Wikipedia, because Polish project policy is really influenced by it.

See also[edit]

  • My sandbox - I'm mainly preparing here En.Wiki navigation templates to use in other wikis
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