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Paula cabinet
Flag of the Netherlands Antilles (1986–2010).svg
18th cabinet of Netherlands Antilles
Date formed28 December 1993[1]
Date dissolved31 March 1994[2]
People and organisations
Head of stateBeatrix of the Netherlands
Head of governmentAlejandro Felippe Paula
Outgoing election1994 election
PredecessorLiberia-Peters II
SuccessorPourier II
Coat of arms of the Netherlands Antilles (1986-2010).svg
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The Paula cabinet was the 18th cabinet of the Netherlands Antilles.


The cabinet was composed as follows:[3][1][4]

Main office holders
Office Name Party Since
Minister of General Affairs Alejandro Felippe Paula [Note] 28 December 1993
Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Public Health George Hueck SI 28 December 1993
Minister of Justice Suzanne Römer PNP 28 December 1993
Minister of Education, Culture and Development Cooperation Rudi M. Thomas UPB 28 December 1993
Minister of Traffic and Communications Leo A.I. Chance [Note] 28 December 1993
Minister of Finance Faroe Mentry PNP 28 December 1993
Note Leo A.I. Chance was nominated by the three windward island parties supporting the Paula cabinet.


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