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Cyclone Derkins[edit]

Cyclone Derkins
Category 5 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Paloma 2008-11-08 at 1835 UTC.jpg
Cyclone Derkins nearing La La Land at record peak Strength of 875 millibars
Formed November 28
Dissipated December 15
Highest winds 1-minute sustained: 200 mph (325 km/h)
Lowest pressure 865 mbar (hPa); 25.54 inHg
Fatalities 294 direct, 47 indirect
Damage $27 billion (2008 USD)
Areas affected La La Land

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A strong tropical wave exited the coast of Africa on November 29,one day before the end of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. it later strengthened into tropical depression 19.Later the next day it already had tropical storm force winds, so NOAA upgraded it into tropical storm Derkins.It undergoed Rapid Deepening as ittransformed from a tropical storm to a category four hurricane in 48 hours.Dry air and moderate Wind Shear interacted with the storm as it weakened into a category 2 with wind speeds of 110 miles per hour. As the dry air and Shear ceased,it strengthened again into a category four. later on the fourth of December it undergone an Eyewall replacement cycle. However, it was short lived as it reached it's record peak intensity of 200 MPH and 865 millibars, surpassing Hurricane Wilma's pressure of 882 Millibars, and Derkins is the strongest tropical Cyclone ever recorded as of December 1 , 2008.It later made landfall in Cocodrie, Louisiana as a category 3 Hurricane. It sent a 28 foot Storm Surge, the greatest ever recorded for a category 3, and the highest ever for a hurricane in the Atlantic.It dissipated on December 15 as it merged with A larger Extratropical Cyclone.The Cyclone set a record for highest confirmed wind speed, and latest ever recorded category 4 or higher.

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About I[edit]

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I (renereynoso AKA Derkins) live in the third most populous and the third largest country on Earth: the United States.I live in Arlington hills (Which Does not exist) And it gets a lot of snow: 163 inches to be precise. My House in A.H (Remember, it's fictional!)is on 365 Poggendorff St 56456 Northwestern Drive, Between the two Oddly shaped Stone formations that resemble a ruined Pyramid. I was born in June 1997. Yes, I am young to be a Wikipedia user,Eh? Why, I'm 11 years old! And Yes, I know what a 'Mopalanhen' is. I highly recommend the Pin Inn , Giza and Machu Pichu but somehow I dislike the Montecito Tea Fire.I have been editing Wikipedia for a short time now,and I use it for information on school projects.I AM AWARE OF THE COPYRIGHTS!I will Lengthen stubs!

My favorite event is a current one!
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The Grand and the Wikipedia-ish[edit]

The Section of Tropical Storm Nana of the article 2008 Atlantic hurricane season is E Pluribus Unum that has benefited greatly from my unexperienced but wise editing skills. Please see my Contributions below. Even though it has its ow article now.

My Contributions[edit]

Main article:Special:Contributions/Renereynoso

Article MMVIII[edit]

Please help me on my quest to make my 10,000th edit! I currently have from 130 to 160 edits. i will change that when i make my 160th edit.

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My Wikipedia editing headquarters in Tulsa (only if I lived there.

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wind is power!

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List of why Winter Trees=great.[edit]


  1. Even though i live in a place with a temperature average of 67 degrees, winter is great because you get to make Snowmen!
  2. Because you get to lick the Icicles on your house!
  3. You get Presents from Santa Claus!


  1. Trees give you Oxygen
  2. You can hug trees
  3. Trees can be cut down to make Wood, which can be used to make a variety of things. For a list of woods, see Here.
  4. Trees are Beautiful.
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Media n Carrots As u know, i like to be goofy. this is why i wrote thisreally short poem about you. Roses are blue, Violets are red, i dunno what else to write ill just go to bed.thumb|left|Its My sister! say Buu!