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(BreadCrumbs is an experiment in multiple dimensions.)


CB (cannabinoid) receptors have been found in the human brain, bone marrow, and digestive system. These endogenous CB-receptors can be filled with specific CB compounds.

It has been theorized that the body/mind has stereo operating systems synchronizing the brain's commands with the organism's response, using CB 'tokens' as 'priority switches'.

The body/mind prioritizes every distraction, including pain. In cases of chronic distractions, the body/mind 'spends' CBs to jam the signals so that some level of function can continue. Unfortunately, jamming signals also rewires neurocircuitry so it eventually creates abnormal changes in the brain.

When the prioritizing system is 'taxed' beyond its restorative capabilities, we experience dysfunction as either some sort of pain or mood disorder, depending on priorities set by hormonal status, as well as an individual or cultural belief system (because thoughts alter neurocircuitry).

The endogenous CB system can be safely (though often illegally) augmented with natural Cannabinoids (aka: ganga, weed, pot, marijuana, mj, shit, etc.). Learning how to use such augmentation may help clarify, for the user, dissonance between input/output channels (i.e., sensory stimulation and expression). Theoretically, recognizing input/output lags may lead to the ability to adjust them in order to synchronize systems).

The pharmaceutical industry is currently developing and marketing synthetic cannabinoid analogs (without clarifying their model to consumers), even though drug trials have yielded evidence of physical harm and death with their use. No system damage or overdosage has been attributed to the natural integrated components available in the holistic herb, which in fact is an essential metabolite.

Additional reading[edit]

  • "Marijuana, the wonder drug" by Lester Grinspoon, Professor Emeritus of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

"If marijuana were a new discovery rather than a well-known substance carrying cultural and political baggage, it would be hailed as a wonder drug."

— Lester Grinspoon, The Boston Globe
  • Cannasat drug company website: Cannasat Therapeutics; "Our Mission: To research, develop and commercialize novel pharmaceutical products that target the endocannabinoid system."

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Follow-through refers to an action that leverages energy so that a target is hit with maximum impact (i.e., follow through to leverage energies for maximum impact).

Usage ex: A nine iron swung by a master sends a sphere farther when the player follows through on her swing.


An arcane method of teaching synesthesia, may be sensed as a passive brain dump, Force Training, disembodied visitations, or body possession. (Level: stepfordClones; Verbalization: "i am a roboticLife-oid.")

Rapture Jihadist[edit]

Identified by an illogical response to a perception of an ideological threat from an unarmed Other, a rapture jihadist encourages or participates in direct retaliation, in conflict with the player's machine operating spec's to prevent trauma, physical or emotional.

Usage ex: A rapture jihadist, she is content with exercising extreme prejudice, thinking herself saved from eternal prosecution through a ridiculous invitation to a long-dead rebbe -- an act that is believed to automatically confer sainthood on a living person.


Many religions teach that redemption occurs when the Creator accepts an eternal entity as worthy of Its almighty presence.

Rapture jihadists proffer a simple invitation as a way to redeem the subscriber's eternal entity from damnation. For example, subscribers are exhorted to "Ask Jesus into your heart," in order to join an exclusive set of believers. The petitioner's invitation is believed to confer the title of 'Saint' upon utterance, with an added promise of actual bodily reconstitution and assumption on the eventual return of the dead rebbe. The ego-constructed promise of eternal salvation is conferred despite the repugnant state of the petitioner, or any despicable actions that follow the petitioner's invitation to the dead rebbe, incorrectly referred to by many as 'Jesus'.

Usage ex: Virginia Lea believes her soul's redemption was accomplished by acknowledging a sacrificial 'lamb', alLah's* most beloved creation, and is thereafter a done deal.

  • The Arabic term 'alLah' is most accurately translated 'theForce', not 'God'. English translations that assign theForce a gender, as in 'theFather', are incorrectly based on a Victorian-age convention, not on the writings of theForce's prophet Muhammed (PBUH).