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Reservoir Hill

Who is Reservoir Hill?[edit]

Who is ReservoirHill?

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Peace Corps[edit]

Peace Corps Directors Biography Project[edit]

Action Corps Directors Biography Project[edit]

Jack Vaughn, the second Director of the Peace Corps, (center) with C. Payne Lucas, President Emeritus of Africare, (left) on May 4, 2007.

Improving the Main Peace Corps article[edit]

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Staff[edit]

Peace Corps Issues[edit]

  • Philip Goldberg - (creator) Ambassador to Bolivia during the Peace Corps "spying" incident
  • Michael Retzer - Ambassador to Tanzania who withdrew the authorization for Peace Corps Country Director Christine Djondo to remain in Tanzania

Places I've Lived[edit]

Oklahoma and Oklahomans[edit]

Peru and Peruvians[edit]


Marie Daulne (center) toured in 2007 to support the release of Supermoon appearing at the 8 x 10 in Baltimore, Maryland on November 1, 2007.

Musical Artists[edit]

Visual Artists[edit]

Dramatic Artists[edit]

Narrative Artists[edit]


Provided Photos[edit]

Eric Marienthal and Russ Freeman appear at the Ram's Head in Annapolis.
A grain elevator in Garber, Oklahoma

Contributions to Other Articles[edit]

Native American young people hold flags of their tribes at the dedication of the Standing Bear Museum in Ponca City, Oklahoma.
Musicians and dancers in Jauja, Peru.
Government Springs Park in Enid was originally a watering hole on the Old Chisholm Cattle Trail.

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Number of articles in English Wikipedia as of 06:54 on Thursday, November 15, 2018 (UTC) — 5,752,071

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