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Created from spinoffs (I started these articles as spinoffs, then added substantial new content):

Researched and expanded:

  • Sony - Removed a boatload of trivial and NNPOV criticisms. Expanded the history section. Provided greater context. Copyedited. Tweaked image inclusion. (May 2012)
  • Virtual Boy - Extensively researched the history of the console. (May 2012 and July 2013)
  • Nintendo 64 - Explored history of the console, including reception and sales. (July 2013)
  • List of Virtual Boy games - Added unreleased games and color coded them (May 2012)
  • Sony Bank - Researched and then looked back at the history of a banking company little known outside of Japan (May 2012)
  • PlayStation 4 - Shaped early development. (February 2013)

Spunoff (I spun off content from these articles):

Reorganized (I reorganized these articles to give them a clearer and more semantically meaningful structure):



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