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Welcome to the UserPage of Retired Professor

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My main area of expertise is Biblical Scholarship



Personal Life
Birthdate: Autumn a long time ago
Nationality: World citizen: Have resided in the USA, Israel, Canada, India, South Africa and Europe
Profession: Priest, Pastor & University Professor
Religion: I am a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim & a Hindu: See EXPANATION
Marital status: Married to a great woman
Languages: English - plus a little Xhosa, Hindi & Urdu
Wikipedia Career
Username: User:Ret.Prof
Registered on: 04 June 2008
First Live edit: 04 June 2008
Present Status: Survived AN/I and Mediation (See talk page)

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About Me[edit]

I am a good faith user who still has a lot to learn. When I mess up, I take a break, carefully read WP, then resume editing. I never take offense, and try to be polite in all circumstances.

WP Core policies[edit]

I strongly believe in WP core policies! I do NOT believe they can be overruled by consensus, no matter how many user accounts brought to bear!

Update articles from a NPOV using reliable sources[edit]

When I retired from my academic position with a major university in 2008, I decided to make myself available as an editor at Wikipedia. My area of expertise was Biblical scholarship, particularly the historical roots of Christianity.

A lot of new scholarship has been published in the past five years. I plan to update articles from a NPOV using recent reliable sources.

First Century Palestine[edit]

It has been the recent focus of Biblical Scholars. We know a great deal about this era, not only because of the Talmud, but also because of the three great histories that examine Palestine at time of Jesus ie:

Last but not least, Jerome made an extensive catalogue of all the early historical documents describing the beginnings of Christianity. Therefore, although the Library of Caesarea was destroyed, the early history Christianity has been preserved in De Viris Illustribus


The following is a list of articles that I am working on. Feel free to leave comments.


Archaeologists have made a number of finds that provide insight into the Historical Jesus.

James Ossuary[edit]

The James Ossuary is a 2,000-year old limestone box used for containing the bones of the dead. Researchers uncovered it in Israel in 2002. The Aramaic inscription on the artifact read: Ya'akov bar-Yosef akhui diYeshua, "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus." It is significant because this archaeological evidence establishes that there was a historical person named Jesus whose father was Joseph and brother was James as written in the Bible and in the works of Jewish historian Josephus. However, the authenticity of this artifact has been contested and was the subject to heated scholarly debate. There has now been a ruling re the issue authenticity .

Caiaphas Ossuary[edit]

Christ before Caiaphas The High Priest is depicted tearing his robe in righteous indignation at Jesus' perceived blasphemy - Cappella Scrovegni a Padova, Giotto di Bondone, Life of Christ

The Caiaphas Ossuary is a bone box that archaeologists believe may have belonged to Joseph, son of Caiaphas, known as the High Priest Caiaphas in the New Testament. According to both the Canonical Gospels and the ancient historian Josephus, Caiaphas was the major antagonist of Jesus, (the Jewish rabbi from Nazareth) and his brother James the Just. Scholars doubted the existence of Caiaphas, until an ossuary attributed to him was found in 1990.

Pilate Stone[edit]

The Pilate Stone is the name given to a block of limestone with a carved inscription attributed to Pontius Pilate, a prefect of the Roman-controlled Judea from 26-36. It has been deemed important, because Biblical scholars once believed that Pilate was a mythical character. Then, in 1961 an inscription with his name was found, confirming the historicity of Pontius Pilate and much of what was written by Josephus.



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