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Retro Kimmer (Kim Maki) Born February, 9 1956 (age 59)From Ann Arbor, Michigan Occupation Crime/Rock/Pop Culture Blogger Owner of Retrokimmer.Com Detroitrocknrollmagazine.com http://i374.photobucket.com/albums/oo181/RetroKimmer/10759_469756969797549_532516_n.jpg Retro Kimmer Crime/Music Blogger

Well known Crime/Music/Pop Culture Writer and Show Producer and Manager of Major Events in Detroit Michigan | occupation = Web Designer,Reporter,Media,Blogger,Show Promoter,Talent Manager From Ann Arbor, Michigan

Retrokimmer is a widely-respected writer, show promoter and multi-media event designer. Kimmer's blog, Retrokimmer.com, is about pop culture and it's evolution into today's hottest trends. She loves blogging about rock music, art, scandals, crime, stars, books and history. www.retrokimmer.com The blogger has been in the center of the Motor City Rock scene for decades (having been born in Ypsilanti, MI and raised on alt-rock, blues, Motown and country music) and works with some of the region’s top talents, including Deniz Tek, Machine Gun Thompson (of MC5), Niagara Detroit, Scott Richardson, Steve Hunter Steve_Hunter Dick Wagner and many more stellar artists. (Chris Cordani Revenge of the 80s Radio)

The scope of the blog reaches into the heart of the Motor City Music Scene with the addition of detroitrocknrollmagazine.com http://detroitrocknrollmagazine.com

"An amazing website I wanted to share. The woman that does this site (her name is Kim Retrokimmer) lives in Ann Arbor and has been involved in the music business in Detroit for 40 years, so she posts stuff about former and current musicians and lots of historical stuff about Detroit, but she does her ADD thing and puts up amazing things, such as this post about giant Christmas trees and this thing about fingernail art. I love Retrokimmer". Jim Redding

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Retro Kimmer