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Hello, my name is Glenn McGrew, and I am an American currently living in Indonesia. I have lived here since Nov. 2001 and married a Javanese woman, Purwita Wijayanti. We have two dual nationality children: Jasmine Wijayanti and Iregi Druman Rasyid. We live in Baturraden, Banyumas, Central Java with Ita's mother. Ita has one surviving sibling of two, who is married with children and lives in Kroya, a bit more than 1 hour away.

Ita's family is descended from the kingdoms of Majapahit (Mojopahit) and Mataram of Java Island. Her grandfather on her mother's side holds the title of "Raden Mas". We are uncertain of the lineage of her other grandparents.

I have been working since 1983. I have worked (mostly) in the following industries: customer & technical service, telephone surveying, retail & direct sales, IT (mostly Internet-related) and education/training, although I've also had experience in other industries, like restauranteering and factory work. I have primarily taught English and IT, although I've also been required to teach other subjects for which I'm not really qualified by experience or education: science, social studies and health education.

I have done seminars on: public and private speaking, teaching, classroom management, how to make education fun and the use of games in the classroom, culture's impact on language, global warming and the mitigation of anthropomorphic factors, and other topics. These seminars were mostly for university students of various levels, although I've done some simple explanations of global warming for primary students. Most recently, I participated in LangCamp2012.

I am a programmer by education, a teacher/lecturer, computer builder/maintainer and security analyst by experience, and an armchair global warming "expert" through dint of my own research into this natural event.

I have studied Shao-lin Kung Fu and T'ai Chi and attained a third-degree (which is the lowest) brown belt in the former, and passed basic testing for the 69-form T'ai Chi Ch'uan I was taught. I also learned some about the fighting applications of T'ai Chi and studied T'ai Chi for the fan and sword. In addition, I learned some uses of 3 lengths of staves, the Chinese single-edge broadsword and double-edged longsword, and two-section (numchucks) staff. During training, we were taught about the theory and propagation of "chi."

I am a self-taught hypnotist and can meditate myself to sleep within 1-2 minutes. I have used hypnotism to regress people, assist them with their problems, and even took someone back to a previous life (assuming she wasn't lying). My style is slow, requires consent, concentration and imagination. Generally, it only works on women.

I'm a multi-disciplinarian and have interest in, among others, the following: reading, writing, sociology, psych, history, culture, religion, politics, science, global warming and environmental management, and a variety of other topics. I enjoy free learning as opposed to traditional education and I am a proponent of progressive education.

You can learn more about me here: (now defunct).

I apologize in advance for any errors or problems I may inadvertently cause! I participate on Wikimedia sites simply because I like to help out. Please be gentle with me (big eyes). ;)

You can learn a bit more about me at ReveurGAM and LiIF (ReveurGAM) and Bleeping Computer (RevGAM).

To be continued...

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I may have overestimated my ability en francais? :)

I also know words and phrases in several languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, Latin, Javanese (Krama and Ngoko), and Betawi, although I cannot communicate at even a basic level in these languages. I can say thank you in several other languages (Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Balinese, Sikanese (Flores), Batakian (Sumatra), Sundanese (Java) and mainstream Sumatran, etc. It's a hobby.). :) OOoo, aren't I a clever boy?