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משתמש זה מסוגל לתרום ברמה בסיסית של עברית.‏
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My name is Rev. John M. Young, and I am a Lutheran pastor in Fishkill, New York. Although I am a professional theologian, I like to consider myself an amateur philologist and musician. In addition, I received my Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Purdue University, but as I have not worked in the field for many years, I can only participate in my love of space travel and orbital mechanics on an amateur level as well.

My first contribution to Wikipedia was the Alpha and Omega article when I saw that it was underlined in red in the article on macaronic language; I was happy to see that my meager beginning was amplified by others. I am not a heavy contributor, but I did think that the CBS Orchestra deserved its own article — I hope that some others are able to enlarge that article as well.