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Wikipedia Reviewer.svg This user has pending changes reviewer rights on the Polish Wikipedia. (verify pl)
Face-angel.svg This user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake, please let them know.
Lazy sleeping barnstar.svg This user is very lazy. Please feel free to do his work for him.
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Wikipedia-logo.png This user has been a member of Wikipedia since 16 January 2012.
9,000+ This user has made over 9,000 contributions to Wikimedia projects.
Quality, not quantity. This user believes that a user's edit count does not necessarily reflect on the value of their contributions to Wikipedia.
Crystal Clear app tutorials.png This user has created 6 articles on Wikipedia.
What I can
css This user can write Cascading Style Sheets.
<html> This user can write HTML.
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What I use
Firefox This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
Linux This user contributes using Linux.
GIMP This user contributes using GIMP.

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pl Polski jest językiem ojczystym tego użytkownika.
en-2 This user can contribute with an intermediate level of English.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
ru-1 Этот участник владеет русским языком на начальном уровне.

Slavic This user's native language is one of the Slavic languages and so he has some understanding of all of them.
This user has a basic understanding of the Cyrillic script.
Male.svg This contributor to Wikipedia is a Male.
[[red]] This editor adds or leaves in useful red links to encourage content creation.
Wiki-tech-logo.svg This user develops
user scripts;
Polandball.PNG This user is of interested in the comics from Polandball. Onu.png
Openstreetmap logo.svg This user has an account and contributes to OpenStreetMap. logo.svg This user has an account and contributes to
This user is a translator from Polish to English on Wikipedia:Translation.
Star of life.svg This user scored 289 on the Wikipediholic test (revision 702031851).

Wherever you go...   there you are.

— Wherever you go...   there you are.'s Motto of the day

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WikiProject Userboxes.


Johann Sebastian Bach.jpg This user enjoys music by Johann Sebastian Bach.


Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
Thank you again for helping out with Sol article and Ubuntu article. I don't know what this banner guy has against that project... Seems like he managed to completely delete the logo... I'll try to reupload. DSNR (talk) 08:59, 17 December 2013 (UTC)
Barnstar - technical works.svg The Technical Barnstar
For your technical work enhancing many users' editing experiences. ThanX!_

GenQuest "Talk to Me" 02:50, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

This user is a member of the Association of Inclusionist Wikipedians.

The motto of the AIW is conservata veritate, which translates to "with the preserved truth".
This motto reflects the inclusionist desire to change Wikipedia only when no knowledge would be lost as a result.

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