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Welcome to Paul Robinson's home page on Wikipedia. For my personal opinions, see my blog at
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"This page has been satirized for your protection"

To protect you from amateur vandals, I have professionally vandalized this page. But sometimes that's not good enough; in some cases, people have un-vandalized my page back thinking someone had trashed my page!
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My name is Paul Robinson. The reason for this username is I am the author of an Internet RFC, number 1394, so I decided to use that username, it being unlikely to be used.

Some wikipedia pages I found hilarious, including some which aren't really Encyclopedia material:

Some links I'm proud of:

user:Rfc1394/test - Chart test

I've also done a number of templates on Wikipedia in order to clean up some things.

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Here are some links I want to create, so I'll save them here until I finish:

My multi-language 404 page:

The Geography Barnstar
For his excellent work with U.S. county name etymologies, I hereby award Rfc1394 The Geography Barnstar. youngamerican (ahoy hoy) 12:43, 3 April 2007 (UTC)