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Chinese units of measurement (tabularised) | Finnish units of measurement (tabularised) | French units of measurement (refactored | Japanese units of measurement | Maltese units of measurement (created) | Armed Forces of Malta (expanded navy section) | Foreign branding | Fukaya, Saitama | Light-year | List of humorous units of measurement (created) | List of unusual units of measurement (refactored) | Northwood Headquarters


As far as possible, I am trying to standardize the metrology (weights and measures) articles. This involves:

  • Tabularizing each set of units, smallest unit first
  • Using the word in the native language (romanized as necessary) as the headword in each table row, followed by any useful translations and transliterations.
  • Giving a relative value between the various units in the table, normalized to whichever unit is closest to a human-scale.
  • Giving conversion factors in both metric and U.S./Imperial values. This point is not an issue for length (avoid U.S. surveyor units), area (squares of international units, plus intl. acre), or mass (avoid all units larger than the pound).
  • Conversion factors will be given to 4 significant figures, and a tilde (~) used to mark approximate values. Any unmarked conversion factor will be assumed to be a precise conversion.
  • Where it is necessary to define a particular kind of square of cubic linear unit, the word order is: (adjective based on country/region name) (square/cubic) (other adjectives) (unit name). For example: French cubic foot, or square surveyor's foot. This word order is based on a google search for the most common terms found.
  • The abbreviation for litre will be uppercase (L) when used without a prefix, and lowercase (l) when used with a prefix.

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