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So ya wanna talk to me? Here's how:

  • Via Wikipedia - my talk page
  • Via e-mail - (also my Gtalk address - online almost whenever I'm on the net)
  • Via Windows Live Messenger - (set me a time, I'm online infrequently)
  • Via IRC - on #wikipedia, #wikipedia-en, #wikimedia-commons, #wikipedia-in, #wikimedia-au, #wikimedia-ops, #wikipedia-en-unblock or #wikipedia-en-admins as Riana/Riana|*. Check that the hostname is @wikimedia/Riana. If it's not, please ask.
  • Via Skype - riana.c, online almost whenever I'm on the net.

Smoke signals, carrier pigeons, shouting, and temptation with a fruit smoothie, all depending upon your proximity to Adelaide, may also be effective.