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Hello everybody.

I am a Spanish (from Spain, Europe) professional PC programmer and graphic designer.

I started my career in 1988, and since then I participated in projects ranging from Z80 videogames to press agencies information management systems, and many, many more.

I love physics, astronomy and computers, but I like to know about everything.

My first contribution to the Wikipedia as a member were improvements to the List of palettes article. Over the months, I did some minor changes to some few articles and I pushed some comments in various discussion and talk pages, before I became a member.

Although my mother tongue is Spanish, by now I contribute mostly in the English Wikipedia.

Main contributions[edit]

Basically, more or less deeply rewritten articles.

And a miriad of extensions, corrections, etc. in many other related articles. Also, I contribute with images, basicaly to illustrate some computer graphics topics.

IndexedColorSample (Strawberries picked).png IndexedColorSample (Caerulea3 crop).png
IndexedColorSample (Lapis.elephant.800pix.060203).png IndexedColorSample (Lemon).png

Have you seen this parrot before?

RGB 24bits palette sample image.jpg RGB 24bits palette color test chart.png