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Redirect Info/Action
AOLamer retargeted to Troll (Internet) based on preliminary research
ICYDK expands to: In Case You Didn't Know
C&V expands to: Chapter & Verse
FLOABT expands to: For Lack Of A Better Term
OMGOES retargeted to OMG
Iykwim expands to: If You Know What I Mean
CUWUL expands to: Catch Up With You Later
INMP expands to: It's Not My Problem
FUDIE expands to: Fuck You and DIE (retargeted to Fuck)
Aolbonics retargeted (soft redirect) to wikt:aolbonics
Gl hf expands to: Good Luck, Have Fun (retargeted to Good Luck)
S2r expands to: Send '2' Recieve (could be retargeted to Peer to Peer, but it's an unlikely search term)
Usawk expands to: U Suck (sawk is an overstressed phonetic form)
Rifk typo of ROFL, retargeted as such
Cyberbug ?
ROLF retargeted to LOL
Be right there has little relevance to slang (apart from as a possible expansion, although I've never seen it)
AOLbonics retargeted (soft redirect) to wikt:aolbonics
AFAICS expands to: As Far As I Can See
IBDTSFY expands to: I've Been Doing This Stuff For Years
Gbtw expands to: Get Back To Work
Snoi expands to: Seedy Nest Of Immorality (?)
IJCMPILSH expands to: I Just Crapped My Pants I Laughed So Hard
Whoamfg retargeted to OMG
*g* no expansions found (nonsense?)
Jftr expands to: Just For The Record
Hawt retargeted to Sexual attraction (slang for sexy or attractive)
Suack retargeted to Suck (possible misspelling)
Lmbo retargeted to Limbo (possible misspelling)
Rofllmfao retargeted to LOL
CAOK no expansions found
Jeomk expands to: Just Ejaculated On My Keyboard
Post Whore retargeted to Internet forum
Post whore retargeted to Internet forum
PostWhore retargeted to Internet forum
Postwhore retargeted to Internet forum
Emotag retargeted to Emo (only logical target)
Teh Butt Seckz internet slang; also probably best kept to avoid stupid articles being created (could redirect to 4chan, where the meme came from though)
LMPO expands to: Laughing My Pants Off
LOTI expands to: Laughing On The Inside
Lolwtfbbq retargeted to LOL
Oyfg expands to: Oh You Fucking Gay or Oh Your Fucking God
Uutf expands to: double-u t f (WTF; What the fuck), retargeted to WTF
Lwpimp expands to: Laughing With Pee In My Pants
STFU newbie! possibly retarget to STFU, but an unlikely search term with the exclamation mark
STFU n00b! possibly retarget to STFU, but an unlikely search term with the exclamation mark
M8 = Mate ?
Wuu2 expands to: What (are) yoU Up 2
WITM8 expands to: What Is This Mate
Idgf expands to: I Don't Give (a) Fuck
IntS no expansions found (possibly a contraction of INTernet Slang)
B2w (Internet Slang) Extremely unlikely search term given the disambiguator
Ilysm expands to: I Love You So Much
Ily expands to: I Love You
Bm4l expands to: Best Mates 4 Life
Rofltacular retargeted to LOL
Roflmgo retargeted to LOL
Stufu corruption of STFU, retargeted accordingly
Tmth expands to: Too Much To Handle
Ttly expands to: Totally (as in upspeak/valley-girl speak)
TBH expands to: To Be Honest