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I made my first edit 10 years, 251 days ago.

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Wiki markup[edit]

  • {{DEFAULTSORT: Loyd, Arthur Seldon }}
  • {{Infobox officeholder | name = | image = | caption = | birth_date = {{Birth date|1911|10|20}} | birth_place = | death_date = {{Death date and age|1940|12|23|1911|10|20}} | death_place = | other_names = | order = | office = | term_start = | term_end = | appointed = | predecessor = | successor = }}
  • {{Infobox Person | name = | image = | caption = | birth_name = | birth_date = {{Birth date|1911|10|20}} | birth_place = | death_date = {{Death date and age|1940|12|23|1911|10|20}} | death_place = | death_cause = | other_names = | known_for = | education = | occupation = | spouse = | partner = | children = | parents = | relatives = }}==Biography== <ref>{{cite news |author= |title= |url= |quote= |newspaper=[[New York Times]] |date= }}</ref> ==References== {{reflist}} {{Authority control|VIAF=}} {{Lifetime|1900|2000|Last, First}}

{{reflist}} {{Authority control|VIAF=25407489}} {{Lifetime|1900|2000|Last, First}}

[[:Category:1900 births]] [[:Category:2000 deaths]]

  • <ref>{{cite web |url= |title= |date= |accessdate=2015-09-04 |quote= |publisher= }}</ref>
  • <ref>{{cite book |author= |title= |year= |publisher= |page= |quote= | url= |isbn= }}</ref>
  • <ref>{{cite news |author= |agency= |title= |url= |quote= |newspaper=[[New York Times]] |date= |accessdate=2015-09-04 }}</ref>
  • <ref>{{cite encyclopedia |author= |encyclopedia = |title= |year= |publisher= |page= |quote= | url= |isbn= }}</ref>

{{Other uses}}

Authority control[edit]


If you see an article here that you think is fleshed out enough to move to mainspace, be polite and ask me and we can arrange to move it. If I die before I get a chance to migrate these, you have my permission to move the articles I am working on into Wikipedia mainspace. Please use the "move" function so that the history of the article is preserved, and the original article is not left behind as a duplicate. Make sure you leave a redirect behind since the Library of Congress and Flickr Commons have links to my user space versions for the original images in their collection.



{{PD-US-not renewed}}

  • {{PD-Pre1978}}
  • {{PD-US-1989}}

{{Flickr-no known copyright restrictions}}

This template should only be used on image pages.




Why can't "consensus can change" be used for undeletion?[edit]

Undeletion requires a procedural error or significant new evidence to open a case to a !vote. What can't "consensus can change" be a reason for undeletion. I have seen some articles nominated over 10 times until they were finally and permanently deleted because "consensus can change". Why do we demand a higher threshold for undeletion?

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