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ANI get your gun[edit]

Most of the thread here concerns sympathy for fleeting expletives, something said in the heat of the moment and is instantly regretted and apologized for. What we have here is chronic lack of WP:Civility that is being used to intimidate other editors, to get them to stop working on articles that Cassianto is also working on. The editor states he will continue the incivility: "As for the future? Well, I shall continue to tell those coming to prod me to fuck off; this joke of a thread will have no bearing on my future conduct." . The consequences are clearly outlined in WP:Civility, which reads: In cases of repeated harassment or egregious personal attacks, then the offender may be blocked. Even a single act of severe incivility could result in a block, such as a single episode of extreme verbal abuse or profanity directed at another contributor, or a threat against another person. If we are not going to enforce WP:Civility, lets agree now to remove the page. Having !wikilaws that are enforced unevenly, based on how many friends you have in the community, is an abuse of the system. These are from the previous 1,500 edits by the editor, there are more if you go further back in the edit history, I stopped at page 3:
[If] you tell people to "fuck off" you should be blocked for it immediately, and banned if you continue. Stop it now, it's not right. I am making no comment on whatever sequence of events led up to the incident, as there is no justification for it. A single time, in a moment of passion, and quickly apologized for? No big deal. Establishing it as a somehow proper way to deal with a problem - no way. We need to continue to be a better community than that. If you want to curse at people to try to modify their behavior, you should know that it seldom works -and you should know that there are thousands of message boards who tolerate it and are more than welcome there. --Jimbo Wales


New articles that will never be written at Wikipedia now that I am banned from new article creation. You can read about these fascinating people at the Flickr Commons link where I now donate my time to write the biographies.

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Wikipedia talk:Arbitration Committee/Noticeboard#Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) October 2015

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It should be noted though that extended quotes, properly sourced, are not generally a violation of copyright. ... We have never, to my recollection and knowledge, had a legal complaint or threat of any kind about a properly sourced quote.

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i should thank them, where would wikidata and wikisource get all the experienced editors, but from blocked people? it is a constant shift the burden on others, and veto others work, but "not enough time" to actually collaborate. you left off the "plagiarism study, where they found that 5% of all edit were copied and 2% of admins; and rather than manage to reduce the percentage, it's demand perfection. the larger problem, they then bring their "adversive leadership" to those other wikis, where they look out of place. some folks are writing in simple or other languages, where the "cultural buzzsaw" does not exist. and then we have to translate without tools. i really should not troll them, with "evasion", but then the extraordinary mass deletions are astonishing to the uninvolved. they are going to find it difficult to discipline as the active editors move to ip editing from phones, as discussed in the metrics meeting. no firm data on that but maybe they can roll out more filters. Slowking4


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  • User:Torkman
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  • User:Beyond My Ken "He has the tenacity of Javert from Les Miserable, who sees it as their duty "keeping [me] on the straight and narrow", scrutinizing my every edit, looking for some edit that he can label as "pushing against the boundaries" that he can use as a gotcha! moment to whip up hysteria in an attempt to get me banned permanently from Wikipedia. When the speed limit is 55 and someone is driving 54, you don't rally the villagers to get their pitchforks and torches because someone is "pushing against the boundaries", you accept that they are driving within the speed limit."
  • User:Stefan2 Wikipedia:Files for discussion/2016 January 7

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  • Wikipedia:Splitting#How_to_properly_split_an_article
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Why can't "consensus can change" be used for undeletion?[edit]

Undeletion requires a procedural error or significant new evidence to open a case to a !vote. What can't "consensus can change" be a reason for undeletion. I have seen some articles nominated over 10 times until they were finally and permanently deleted because "consensus can change". Why do we demand a higher threshold for undeletion? And of course once deleted, no one can see the article to read it, to see if consensus has changed.