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More moons ago than I care to remember I was in the Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding). Between then & now I have been a paramedic, a qualified nurse, a computer systems manager and a PADI Divemaster. I am now retired and doing whatever I choose to do and, unashamedly, thoroughly enjoying doing so!

In which I served
Royal College of Nursing
A Maldivian resident and me
This is where I'm lucky enough to live

Countries or Regions I've lived, visited, or worked in.

England Yorkshire N. Ireland Scotland Orkney Wales Australia Belgium Cyprus Egypt
France Germany Italy Kenya Maldives Malta The Netherlands Spain Catalonia
Andorra Tunisia Thailand Saudi Arabia Singapore Sweden Switzerland Canary Islands

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Noted contributions[edit]

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Featured article Battle of Musa Qala Good article Peak District


Did You Know? King Cross Did You Know? Lieutenant of the Tower of London


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