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David C Gallup (B. 1967 St. Louis, MO) is an avid outdoor oil painter. It was painting out of doors which led him to start meeting other artists with the same passion, and eventually he joined a newly revitalized group of artists who shared his love of working directly from life, the California Art Club. He quickly gained the respect of his peers and was recognized immediately as a natural leader in the group. The affiliation of 300 of the top fine artists in the state was quick to seize upon the young artist’s abilities both as a painter and a visionary, and within two years of joining, at the age of 34, he was asked to become the Vice President of one of the oldest and most respected art associations in the United States.

Museum Exhibit[edit]

Gallup's first solo museum exhibition is housed at The Frederick R. Weisman Museum. "Nature's Masterpiece ~ California's Channel Islands" opens May 21, 2011 with over 70 paintings of the Channel Islands.

California Art Club Role[edit]

Signature Artist Member of the California Art Club (CAC) He has been Gold Medal Exhibition Artist's Chairman since 2007. He received the California Art Club’s Gold Medal for Best Painting (as voted by the members of the California Art Club) for the painting “Twice Humbled” in the 99th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition in 2010 at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. "The Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition exemplifies the very best in traditional American art." says Jean Stern.[1] Gallup currently serves as Vice-President of the club and is a member of their Board of Directors.[2]

Awards and honors[edit]

  • 2010 - Gold Medal, California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition, Pasadena Museum of California Art

Museum / Collections[edit]

(All works are oil on canvas)

The Huntington Collection, San Marino, CA, "Huntington Memories", 16" x 20"

The California Art Academy and Museum, Pasadena, CA, "Origins", 32" x 32" and "Glorious Impact", 8" x 10"

The Cheesecake Factory, Agoura, CA, "Portrait of the Founders", 32" x 40"

Charles T. Munger, Montecito, CA, "The Glistening Sanctuary", 30" x 40"


Several art magazines have published paintings and stories of Gallup.
American Artist Magazine in Cover story (September, 2010)
American Artist's Workshop Magazine (2007)
Art of the West (2006)
The Fine Arts Magazine (2003)


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