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Notability for busy people[edit]

Lest we forget, it's not enough for the subject of an article to be notable, but the article must also explain why. Simply stated:

  1. Wikipedia:NOTABLE#Notability_requires_objective_evidence states that an article must express why its topic is notable.
  2. It also states that the article provide references to back up those assertions of notability.
  3. So articles must assert notability by linking to secondary sources (a link to a primary source is insufficient).
  4. And it must be verifiably notable.
  5. Unverifiably-notable articles may be deleted (speedily, PROD-wise or after an AfD).
  6. Wikipedia:NOTABLE#Articles_not_satisfying_the_notability_guidelines suggests what to do in situations where there's no evidence.
  7. Simply asserting that the article's subject is notable basically constitutes original research: a Wikipedia no-no.

Yes, I do care about verifiability -- it's the main weapon against those who pooh-pooh WP as a source.

For more, WP:V and WP:N make great bedtime reading...

I am not Dmitry Myasnikov[edit]

I am not the person who was previously known as Richi on Wikimedia.


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