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Spammers to watch[edit]

Scripts to do automatic PMID/ISBN referencing[edit]

This tools will take a text (local file, complete article or part of it) with inline references such {{pmid XXXX}} and {{isbn XXXXX}} and output a fully referenced text using either harvard referencing or footnote referencing. Multiple references to the same PMID or ISBN will be handled correctly, however the text is not scanned for older cite/ref citations hence some duplication can occur and must be currently handled manually. The tools currently must be installed and used locally and require a ruby interpreter with the basic libraries and network access. Uses User:Diberri's tool internally to get cite templates.

This is an early version – the output will probably require manual postprocessing in many cases. Output goes to stdout.

Footnote style version[edit]

This will process tags of the form {{pmid number}}, {{pmid number tag}},{{isbn number}}, {{isbn number tag}}. The tag argument will be translated into <ref name=tag .. > . If an explicit tag argument is not given it will be generated automatically.

Here is the source code: wiki-fref

Harvard style version[edit]

This will process tags of the form {{pmid number}},{{isbn number}} as wells as the variants {{pmid-nb number}},{{isbn-nb number}} and {{pmid-txt number}},{{isbn-txt number}} for the harvnb and harvtxt variants respectively.

I found no easy way to generate {{citation ...}} templates automatically so cite templates are emitted instead and an extra anchor is generated. The links to this anchor however are generated by the Harvcol templates automagically so under unusual conditions the links will break, especially if my code and the harvcol templates do not agree on the name for an anchor. Wikiref/wikicite would be another possibility but then I could not use Harv/cite templates amd would have to do the formatting manually - at least I do not see how to do it better at the moment.

Here is the source code: wiki-href