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I am Rick J. S., Ph. D.

I am concerned that Humanity is at risk of going extinct in this century. I have come out of retirement and begun my project of Saving Humanity from Homo Sapiens™[1] , which I discuss below.

First, please read this caveat: I do write a lot of propositions, without saying, "In My Opinion" before each one. It can sound preachy, like I think I've got the Absolute Truth, Without Error. I don't trust anything I have to say, and I suggest you don't, either. My brain lies to me[2] too often.

Please do not accept anything I say as True. Ever. All I request is that you try on my strange viewpoints for a while and notice whether you see something new. Think with it for a while before you react against it. There will be plenty of time to attack it later.


We have met the enemy and he is us. -- Walt Kelly in Pogo

I hear the news of the world and I almost despair.
War[3] is the most appalling indicator of who we are, and there are plenty more indicators[4][5][6][7] that we just aren't designed for the world we live in.

I say that we are NOT the beings who should have control of nuclear arsenals[8] that can probably make us extinct. AND, It's going to get worse. Weapons of mass destruction are going to become available to smaller nations, then even smaller groups[9][10][11][12]. Read the world news and imagine how well that will turn out.

I ASSERT that we need "Somebody"[13] to TAKE the dangerous toys away. Any solution that depends on a lot of people changing their minds is going to be too slow to save us from ourselves[14].



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