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"We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star.
But we can understand the Universe." - Stephen Hawking

Hello fellow Wikipedians, my name is Steven. Pardon the mess.

A former student of Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee and University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, I seek to further my career in the areas of geology, planetary geology, areology, mineralogy, and even extrasolar planets. I possess a fascination for space exploration and retain my position as a advocate for space. I have acted as co-founder/administrator of Wookieepedia since March 2005 and held a bureaucrat position there from February 2006 to 2016. While I might not edit here now as much as I used to initially, I still use Wikipedia as a general reference, as I did while checking student papers for line copying from articles. Remember to always cite the SECONDARY SOURCES.

After the 2012 Wikipedia blackout, I gained interest in the wiki again, and may consider doing edits here once more in detail.

Some subpages of use:


  • I started by journey with Wikipedia on January 4, 2005. My contributions can detail all that I have done here.
  • I have awarded Kaldari the Tireless Contributor Barnstar for his relentless work on all things Nashville, Tennessee.
  • When I'm not submitting information here, I can be found as an co-founder/administrator on Wookieepedia and the founder of Futurepedia, the Back to the Future Wiki
  • Back in 2005, which seems like a long time ago now, I linked all the main Star Wars lists together, including: Planets of Star Wars, List of Star Wars races, and my created articles: Sectors of Star Wars, Systems of Star Wars, and Cities of Star Wars. The goal was to have everything grouped as one entity but different subjects go to different articles. On March 9, 2005, a particular Wikipedian decided to engage in Vfd tactics against minor Star Wars articles, known as the Great LucasCruft Purge, in which I desperately attempted to keep them all alive. Since Wookieepedia was created just hours after this event, and just in time (however totally oblivious to the Purge), those particular articles were moved into the new Wiki where they now live carefree lives without persecution or fear of deletion. Furthermore I would cease to help Wikipedia with its Star Wars articles in favor of the new wiki and its specialized treatment of them.
  • I still do work on many other subjects on Wikipedia besides Star Wars, including geography, transportation, sports, and science.


This year marks a return to Wikipedia for me. I started working on inflating the category Category:Lakes of Wisconsin by county. Though my edits appeared to have warrant some reversions (most likely because I was unable to create a category for an article that I placed it in due to RL), I am hoping to create some consistency in how lakes are categorized across Wisconsin. Currently there are 34 counties with categories created, out of a total of 72 counties. Milwaukee County appears to be the only county without any actual lakes inside of it (not counting Lake Michigan).

I've meant to document artists whose art I've observed at the Milwaukee Art Museum here. From the "Milwaukee Collects" exhibit:


Where I was in summer 2006 (not my image)

In June 2006, I went on a vacation up north to Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Along the way I visited these places in Illinois: Peoria (during massive road construction), the Quad Cities, and Galena. In Iowa: Dubuque. In Wisconsin: Platteville and The Mining Museum, Dodgeville, Wisconsin Dells, La Crosse and Grandad Bluff, Onalaska, Sparta, Adams-Friendship and Friendship Mound and Roche-A-Cri Mound, Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point, Oshkosh, Appleton and Lake Winnebago, Green Bay and Lambeau Field, Crivitz, and Florence. In Minnesota: La Crescent. In Michigan: Iron Mountain, Crystal Falls, Iron River (although by accident), L'Anse, Baraga, Houghton and the Arthur E. Seaman Mineral Museum, Hancock and the Quincy Mine, Ishpeming, Marquette, Munising, Sault Ste. Marie and the Soo Locks, and Mackinac Bridge.

In August, I went on another trip to Franklin, North Carolina to find some corundum varities: rubies and sapphires.

In October, I went to Magnet Cove, Arkansas to find titanium oxides, magnetite, and aegirine. Also visited was Hot Springs, the Crater of Diamonds State Park, and Texarkana, Texas.

In November, I went to Dahlonega, Georgia, by way of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Dalton, Georgia. On the way back, the road north to Blairsville went onto Blood Mountain, and afterward, U.S. Highway 64 paralleled the Ocoee River.

In December, Christmas Vacation took me along Interstate 40 from Nashville, Tennessee to Raleigh, North Carolina and U.S. Highway 70 from Raleigh to New Bern.

In early May 2007, I went to the Black Hills of South Dakota and Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. From the Quad Cities, the trip passed the newly-visited cities of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Albert Lea and Blue Earth in Minnesota, past Sioux Falls, to Mitchell and the Mitchell Corn Palace, out to Chamberlain, South Dakota along the Missouri River, to Wall along The Wall of the Badlands, and finally Rapid City. I visited my paleotologist friend at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Within the Black Hills, I visited Keystone, Hill City, Custer, Deadwood, and Lead. Around the Hills, I visited Sturgis (during offseason of course) and Spearfish. Landmarks within the Hills visited include Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Homestake Gold Mine, Spearfish Canyon, and the Needles Highway. Into Wyoming, I saw the location of the Vore Buffalo Run atop the Spearfish Formation. We pulled off Interstate 90 at Sundance and headed for Devils Tower.

After the trip out west, I flew even farther out west to Los Angeles, California for the Star Wars convention Celebration IV on May 23, 2007. I stayed in Pasadena, and visited downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Echo Park, Bel Air. Particular locations included the La Brea Tar Pits, UCLA, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I rode on the Santa Monica Freeway and the San Bernardino Freeway ("The 10"), "The 405", the Hollywood Freeway ("The 101"), the Glendale Freeway, and the Pasadena Freeway ("The 110"), as well as Santa Monica Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard, and Colorado Boulevard.

For 2008, I attended a geology field camp through the University at Buffalo (UB). We rendezvoused at Denver, Colorado and departed for the Front Range the following day. The first stop was the famous roadcut of the Morrison Formation off Interstate 70. From there, we visited Red Rocks Park, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and the town of Morrison before getting back on I-70 and heading west. We climbed the Front Range all the way to the Eisenhower Tunnel at 11,158 ft. From there we went down past Frisco and Silverthorne, then Vail. We entered Glenwood Canyon and stopped at a rest area. We passed Glenwood Springs, stopped in Rifle, and passed Grand Mesa as I-70 turned into Grand Valley. The area of our interest was Grand Junction-Fruita. Our map sites were at Gunnison Bluffs and Prairie Canyon. We also went through Mack and Redlands. After one week, we headed into Unaweep Canyon on the way to Utah and the Paradox Basin, first hitting the towns of Whitewater, Gateway, and detouring before Uravan. We saw Sinbad Valley and took a shortcut into Paradox Valley where we saw Paradox 1. From there we checked out a copper mine and drove into Utah, through the La Sal Mountains. We stopped at La Sal and past Wilson Arch and Newspaper Rock to Dugout Ranch. Our map site was Davis Canyon near Lavender Canyon south of the Canyonlands National Park. Cathedral Butte was a landmark to use at the map site. After seeing the Needles District, we went south through Monticello, Blanding, and Comb Wash on our way to Natural Bridges National Monument and the Goosenecks State Park near Mexican Hat. Moab was a hotel night, and we visited Arches National Park. Our van chose to hike 1.5 miles to Delicate Arch and Landscape Arch. Heading north the next day, we jumped on I-70 temporarily to reach Green River, and up to Price before heading into Indian Canyon towards Roosevelt and Vernal. Our third campsite was at Split Mountain in Dinosaur National Monument. Our map area was in Rainbow Valley, a giant anticlinal structure. After we finished up there, it was through Dinosaur, Craig, Steamboat Springs, and Walden that we entered Wyoming and stopped in Laramie for the night. The next day we headed for the Shirley Basin and the Q Creek Ranch to map the Freezeout Hills. When the trip was finally over, we drove back into Colorado through Fort Collins and finished at Denver International Airport.

In May 2009, I went up Interstate 81 into Virginia and reached the towns of Wytheville, Roanoke, Staunton, Woodstock, and Winchester. Then came Martinsburg, West Virginia and Hagerstown, Maryland before entering Pennsylvania and stopping at Chambersburg for the night. We then drove U.S. Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway) to Gettysburg to take the Auto Tour along Seminary Ridge and to Little Round Top, before ending at the High Water Mark of the Confederacy at the Copse of Trees where Pickett's Charge failed. From Gettysburg, we drove south back into Maryland at Emmitsburg, and then drove east to Taneytown before reaching Baltimore. On the way back, we drove on Interstate 70 past Frederick and intersected Interstate 81 at Hagerstown. We drove the night, and jumped on Interstate 68 at Hancock towards Cumberland and Frostburg but not before tackling the mighty Alleghenies and Sideling Hill (however in the dark could not see the massive geologic roadcut). We came out on the other side nearing Morgantown, West Virginia where we merged with Interstate 79 and went past Fairmont and Clarksburg before reaching the capital of Charleston. From there, we jumped on Interstate 64 towards Kentucky where we passed Ashland and worked our way around Lexington. In a tired stupor, we barely made it home.

Whew. I sure do get around.

Wikipedia Quotes[edit]

This is from a VFD of Septenquinquagintillion.

10174 equals 2578.015 so if the number of articles in Wikipedia doubled every day, it would take about one year and seven months to reach a septenquinquagintillion articles. If a disk drive can store 200 gigabytes and an average article consumes 2000 bytes then a disk drive can store 100 million articles, so this would require (10166 ten) quattuorquinquagintillion disk drives, at a cost of approximately (10168 1.0) quinquinquagintillion dollars. The world GNP is approximately 30000 billion U.S. dollars so that is about 3 X 10154 world GNP's. If the entire world was willing to contribute its entire output to the project it could do so in 3 quinquagintillion years. If we rely on Wikimedia fundraisers it will take longer, so I suggest that Jimbo tell them to get started right away. (Counting on figures) Mumble... universe lifetimes... atomic radii... Archimedes and sand grains... Unless we can broaden the categories for speedy deletion, the VfD for a septenquinquagintillion-article Wikipedia will probably require something better than dialup.

— Dpbsmith, March 11, 2005


Sunset on some other planet going around some other star in some other galaxy.

Mineralogy of Mars: (NOT ORIGINAL RESEARCH)

Sources: JPL Mars Rovers site, Astronomy April 2004 Article by Bruce Moomaw

I wish there were more annotated nebula maps like this.

Contributions and Other Things[edit]

Here one can get a sense of my previous work, though long since I worked on most of these articles.

By the Numbers[edit]

Number of edits since January 4, 2005 (as of March 21, 2005) -- Edit count for Riffsyphon1024

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Articles that I have created:[edit]

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Articles that I have contributed to:[edit]

Articles that I have cleaned up (aka Wikipedian Beautification):[edit]

Category Pages created:[edit]

Stub Templates created:[edit]

My current stress level

Vfd Pages started:[edit]

  1. Vfd/À la folie... pas du tout (RESULT:Redirect)
  2. Vfd/Law review (RESULT:Keep)
  3. Vfd/Fisher & Hansen (RESULT:Delete)
  4. Vfd/GreaterSTUFF (RESULT:Delete)
  5. Vfd/How to tell if your child is a hacker (RESULT:Speedy-delete)
  6. Vfd/Lag screw (RESULT:Delete)
  7. Vfd/Timeline of social developments (RESULT:Delete)
  8. Vfd/Peanut Foot (RESULT:Delete)
  9. Vfd/MOOism (RESULT:Keep)
  10. Vfd/MJ morning show (RESULT:Delete)
  11. Vfd/Bolivian Space Program (RESULT:Delete)
  12. Vfd/Philip Huntoon (RESULT:Keep)
  13. Vfd/Jim geraghty (RESULT:Keep)
  14. Vfd/Demon hunters (RESULT:Delete)
  15. Vfd/Sprintwich (RESULT:Delete)
  16. Vfd/Peter Palumbo (RESULT:Keep)
  17. Vfd/Cfmb (RESULT:Keep and move to CFMB)
  18. Vfd/Igcc (RESULT:move to IGCC and disambig)
  19. Vfd/C the band (RESULT:Delete)
  20. Vfd/Southwest Boulevard (RESULT:Delete)
  21. Vfd/Septenquinquagintillion (RESULT:Delete)
  22. Vfd/Bejamin Franklin High School (RESULT:No consensus)
  23. Vfd/Mark Dever (RESULT:Delete)
  24. Vfd/Emotastic (RESULT:Delete)

This currently gives me a 57.14% Delete Rating.

Link to Template:VfDFooter

Major Vfd Pages participated in (keeping an eye on):[edit]

SW Vfds[edit]

These SW articles/topics/concepts were watched to ensure that they withhold against the brutality of one GRider and have all been moved to Wookieepedia:

  1. Vfd/Tyvokka (RESULT:Keep)
  2. Vfd/Kylantha (RESULT:Delete, however content exists in Naboo)
  3. Vfd/Quarren Isolation League (RESULT:Merged to Minor Star Wars organisations)
  4. Vfd/Operation Strike Fear (RESULT:Merged to Galactic Civil War
  5. Vfd/Repulsorlift (RESULT:Keep)
  6. Vfd/Rhen Var (RESULT:Merged to Planets of Star Wars)
  7. Vfd/Darth Traya (RESULT:Keep)
  8. Vfd/TX-130s fighter tank (RESULT:Merge, however it still retains an article)
  9. Vfd/Rothana Heavy Engineering (merged to Kuat Drive Yards)
  10. Vfd/Order D6-66 (RESULT:Delete, however it exists on Wookieepedia now)
  11. Vfd/Nubian Design Collective (RESULT:Keep, amazingly)
  12. Vfd/Commander Bly (RESULT:Merge)
  13. Vfd/Kor Chokk (RESULT:No consensus -- keep)
  14. Vfd/Thud Bug (RESULT:Merge, however it still retains an article)
  15. Vfd/Great Jedi Purge (RESULT:Keep)
  16. Vfd/San Hill (RESULT:Keep)
  17. Vfd/The last Handmaiden (RESULT:Merge)
  18. Vfd/Ainlee Teem (RESULT:Merge)
  19. Vfd/Seven forms of lightsaber combat (RESULT:Moved to Lightsaber combat)
  20. Vfd/Rakamat (leaning towards merge}
  21. Vfd/SuperShadow (RESULT:Keep)

This last Vfd was intiated by me in order to keep a Wookieepedia project off Wikipedia.

  1. List of moffs (RESULT:Delete)

My Images[edit]

Bold denotes better images. Red denotes deleted images. It's obvious that I suck at choosing appropriate images.

It's not looking too good...

I proposed a few barnstars to Wikipedia.

All Posted at Wikipedia:Barnstar and award proposals.

Mind Benders logo

My proposal for the Mind Benders Logo that won: ... only there's no Mind Benders anymore.

Helpful Wikipedian Links[edit]

Wikipedia:Category | Wikipedia:Image copyright tags | Wikipedia:Deletion policy | Wikipedia:Template messages/Stubs Wikipedia:How to revert a page to an earlier version | Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress | Wikipedia:Speedy deletions | Wikipedia:U.S. Wikipedians' notice board Wikipedia:Article improvement drive | Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by fields of interest | Wikipedia:Great editing in progress User:Dpbsmith/BEEFSTEW (Basic Education Evaluation Form and Standardized Test for Evaluating Worthiness) Wikipedia:Wikipedia as a press source 2005 (just goes to show that Wikipedia is becoming more and more cited) Wikipedia:To-do list | Wikipedia:Village pump | Wikipedia:What's in, what's out Wikipedia:WikiProject | Wikipedia:WikiProject Astronomical objects | Wikipedia:Wikiproject Albums

Minor Wikipedian accomplishments[edit]


Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
I noticed that your edits were impressive and so I've decided to award you this Original barnstar! Wikidudeman (talk) 08:38, 1 August 2007 (UTC)

Things to Do[edit]

The coolest things I find on Wikipedia.
  • Work on Spirit and Opportunity mission pages. (WHEN NEWS GIVEN)
  • Add more minerals
  • Add more local information
  • Add more geological information
edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for User:Riffsyphon1024:


Help with

You can help improve the articles listed below! This list updates frequently, so check back here for more tasks to try. (See Wikipedia:Task Center for brief guides.)

Help counter systemic bias by creating new articles on important women.

Help improve popular low quality articles.

New! WikiRank quality and popularity assessment.[1]

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American football players with appropriate aggressive-sounding or football-related names: David Akers, Jeff Backus, "Boss" Bailey, "Champ" Bailey, Travarous Bain, "Dek" Bake, Tra Battle, Jacob Bender, H. B. Blades, Patrick Body, Rocky Boiman, Kevin Boss, Correll Buckhalter, Melvin Bullitt, Keith Bullock, Tim Bulman, Anthony Cannon, Billy Cannon, Rock Cartwright, Brandon Chillar, Alge Crumpler, "Buster" Davis, Jon Dekker, Na'il Diggs, Donald Driver, Mike Espy, Larry Foote, Jamaal Fudge, Scott Fujita, Chris Gocong, Nick Goings, "Tuff" Harris, Todd Heap, Pacino Horne, Clint Ingram, David Irons, Kenny Irons, Quentin Jammer, "Tank" Johnson, Joe Jurevicius, Winston Justice, Brad Kassell, Jevon Kearse, Cedric Killings, Ethan Kilmer, Mike Leach, Vonta Leach, Ryan Longwell, John Lynch, Marshawn Lynch, Fontel Mines, Jerious Norwood, Logan Payne, Justin Peelle, Julius Peppers, Antonio Pierce, Zach Pillar, Brady Poppinga, Kurt Quarterman, Neil Rackers, Jason Rader, Nick Roach, Samari Rolle, Israel Route, Jon Runyan, T. J. Rushing, Josh Savage, Jeremy Shockey, D. J. Shockley, Hunter Smith, Marcus Spears, Paul Spicer, Greg Spires, Jason Spitz, Montavious Stanley, Darnell Stapleton, Syndric Steptoe, Jon Stinchcomb, Omar Stoutmire, James Thrash, Amani Toomer, Reggie Torbor, Jeremy Trueblood, Ben Troupe, Nick Turnbull, "Tank" Tyler, Guy Whimper, "Tank" Williams, Coy Wire, Garrett Wolfe, Ashton Youboty


Another awesome star chart map.
  • Thanks to Mr. Cookie and customyspace for info and stats on Myspace and its creator.
  • Thanks to Cbarbry for starting things up on Wookieepedia.


Hydian Way
Union Station
Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs
West Corona
North Main Corona
Riverside-La Sierra
San Bernardino


Key to symbols
Heavy rail Metro or light rail
In use Out of use Tunnel In use Out of use Tunnel
Some diagrams may use other colours
to indicate different lines or services.
S-Bahn (or other commuter rail)
S-Bahn and other services
Limited service
Out of use; line in use
Out of use; line in use
Out of use; line in use
Minor station/stop
Limited service
Out of use; line in use
Out of use; line in use
Out of use; line in use
Between lines
(same building)
Hub or complex
Cross-platform interchange
Connected but separate
Between modes
Out of use; line in use
Major depot or freight station
Out of use; line in use
Minor depot or factory
Out of use; line in use
Flat junction
Route continues off map
Branch out of use
At grade
Over other line
Under other line
(at interchange)
Under other line
(metro/light rail)
Unprotected level crossing
Protected level crossing
Viaduct or large bridge
Across water
Swing bridge
Over canal or navigable river
Over trail
Over highway or major road
Under highway
Over motorway
(UK symbol)
Elevated line
Track features
Single-direction travel
Interruption (features omitted)
↓ uphill
Passing loop
Pocket track
Passing siding
Reversing loop
Other features
Milepost or change of measure
Street running
Border or fare zone
International border, customs
Line end
high-speed train
long-distance train
heritage railway or
railway museum
long-distance train
(US symbol)
metro or subway
bus or coach
commercial airport
funicular or
rack railway
aerial lift or gondola
Other features
or works
significant building
North arrow
miscellaneous building
scenic outlook
other feature
pointer arrow

Test 2[edit]

Climbs of the Tour de France (charted) (Co-existing with Hors Categorie chart)

Name Elevation Category Road Years climb appeared
Col du Tourmalet 2,115 m / 6,939 ft HC RN618 (D918) 2010 (2), 2009, 2008, 2006
Col d'Aspin 1,489 m (4,885 ft) HC 66; 2008
Col du Tourmalet HC 2010