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I'm a 36-year-old public servant called Michael or Mike but not Mick, who lives in Yorkeys Knob, on the northern beaches of Cairns. I started to contribute to Wikipedia on 24 February 2007 after finding no article on Nimbochromis polystigma, one of my many cichlids, and then having a look at pages about the place I call home. I decided that Yorkeys Knob needed an article and started that, and also created/added to a few about wildlife and locations in Far North Queensland. While I do feel tempted to get involved in some of the more heated pages (science vs creationism for example), but I think I'm going to stick to working on subjects much, much closer to home.

I'm adding my material (text, local knowledge and photos) happy to have others use it, but would like people using them, particularly the photos, to attribute the work and link to my personal website,

If curious, my personal website can be found at, and abuse can be left through the email address on that page.

A discus
This user is a member of WikiProject Aquarium Fishes.

Some of the pages I've started or expanded from stubs are:

Feel free to correct my mistakes... I'm sure I've made some. Constructive criticism welcome.