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Rigire (born on March 28), also known Lady Gaga, is a pathogen made in Hong Kong, United Kingdom at that time.[1] She believes in her "third eye", known sort-of-but-not-really in Western countries as a sixth sense, of predicting useless things like sexual predators, hidden human desires and word-for-word pick-up lines by her favorite men.[2] In her spare time, she is a deja vu specialist[3], psychologist expert on A.M. syndrome[4], actress[5] and singer for the duo My Chemical Reaction[6].

Things she enjoys include The Little Prince[7], Kagrra,[8], the bass and dawn. When she grows up, she wishes to become Azusa Yamamoto[9].

Acting career[edit]

Rigire is best known in the drama 巣 (Su, 2010) as the pet-named character Naoko-chan, where she played a happy-go-lucky Japanese teenager who heartlessly slaughtered anyone who was involved romantically with her love interest, Nao[10]. The drama won no awards and was slipped into the 1:49AM slot for eleven minutes on Channel 2am 二人のam.

She also played in あなたは私の秘密 (Anata wa watashi no himitsu, 2009) as an unnerving teenage girl in love with one of the main characters, Shin.[11]

Needless to say, her acting career didn't last very long.

Singing career[edit]

Rigire, along with Kana, created the duo PK in 2005[12]. They released their mini-album, Toronto Mom[13], also back in 2005, which contained the tracks California, In My Past Life I Was A Russian Warrior and Crimson ~instrumental~. It was a minor success[14] in Hungary, Denmark and Nova Scotia. They made a comeback in 2009[15] when they released their single 油麻地 Yau Ma Tei[16] under the new name My Chemical Reaction, containing the track 心 Kokoro and 夏体み SUMMER (Body Me)[17].

It was the darkest moment of her life[18].

Love Interests[edit]


Her dream is to have a bonafide Wikipedia article written of her. Until then, she settles with this page which she had pathetically constructed herself.[23]


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