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Pages that I have made significant contributions to.

WikiProject China
Guo Mingyi
Ansi City
Yanzhou Village
Benxihu Colliery
Zhao Mausoleum (Qing Dynasty)
Hushan Great Wall
Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge
Fushun War Criminals Management Centre
Anshan Jade Buddha
Qianshan National Park
Ulan Hot
WikiProject Scotland
Aberdeenshire Canal
Glasgow, Paisley and Johnstone Canal
Hugh Montgomerie, 12th Earl of Eglinton
Dunure Castle
Lochranza Castle
Portencross Castle
Alan Fitzwalter, 2nd High Steward of Scotland
Walter Fitzalan
Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward
Paisley Abbey

It is gratifying that other people have since expanded on these initial contributions. For details of other edits I have made, see my Contributions page.

Pages that it is suggested I should edit: User:Rincewind42/Suggestions

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