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I really love this triangle, and try to always stay at the sharp end. Staying sharp is good for the mind.

I am a rather basic Wikipedia user. I generally don't have much to add or change, but sometimes I come across stuff that needs a bit of fixing so I'll fix it up. Recently, I have taken to finding controversial articles and making sure that neutrality is the status quo.

I consider myself a strict enforcer of WP:NPOV, as my naturally oppositional personality makes me extremely sensitive to bias. I am a Child Psych major, and am familiar with confirmation bias, the availability heuristic, groupthink, group polarization, and all sorts of other nasty tricks the human mind plays on itself. I recognize that it is difficult for some people to see their own bias, and to overcome their own views, but if you address someone's arguments directly and force them to do the same, even the most stubborn viewpoints can be overcome.