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Risker's Suite of Arbitration Committee Essays
(Links posted here after several requests - in order of importance)

Notes regarding mainstream media interviews
On occasion, I will participate in interviews with mainstream media sources at the request of the Wikimedia Foundation. At times, my full (real-world) name may appear. Should there be reason to link to such a published interview/report, I will not consider it "outing", and no editor should be sanctioned under outing policy for using that link. Risker (talk) 23:28, 23 December 2019 (UTC)

(Written in response to a comment referencing Wikipedia:There is no deadline at the RFC on Biographies of living people)

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the living people about whom we write. There is a deadline for them: it is the moment that Google puts our article about them in their top-5 results. That is something that was never contemplated at the time that Wikipedia was created. We must be responsive to changes in circumstances; this is about as big a change as can be. This is part of Wikipedia maturing and becoming a responsible citizen of the information world; when we were small and unnoticed, we had almost no impact on the life of an article subject. Now, what is published in our pages can (and sometimes does) cause long-lasting harm. Why do you think Google now crawls our articles incessantly to ensure it reflects the most current version of a page? We are no longer a little upstart in a distant corner of the Internet: we are now a top-10 website whose words, whether they should be or not, are taken as relatively accurate if not entirely authoritative. Not a day goes by that someone being interviewed on radio or television isn't confronted with a question that starts "I looked up your Wikipedia entry and it says..." The failure of individuals to recognise this collective responsibility to get things right about real people does more to harm the reputation and credibility of this project than any other error that is made.

—Risker (talk) 03:02, 21 June 2010 (UTC)

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What I've been doing around here

First off, I'm a copy editor at heart - though I've taken the occasional foray into article writing. Collaboration is, in my mind, the best feature of Wikipedia. Copy editing a wide variety of subjects, ranging from literature of Indian languages to Russian history and architecture, hockey, and popular culture, has allowed me the opportunity to work with a fantastic cross-section of our amazingly diverse Wikipedian editorship. They have one thing in common: they want to share well-researched and well-presented information freely with the world at large. Like me, they're hopeful hearts.

I spent the five years between 2009 and 2013 as a member of the Arbitration Committee, which pulled me increasingly away from article work. Following that, I was appointed to the first of two terms as a member of the Wikimedia Foundation Funds Dissemination Committee in July 2014; my current term ends following the May 2018 round of allocations.

Since becoming an administrator in 2008, I've done my share of anti-vandalism work and blocking of problem accounts; I continue this work as a checkuser and oversighter, permissions I gained when an arbitrator, and which I continue to use to the benefit of the project.
Some articles I have copy-edited
Risker moon.jpg

Michael Gomez - in preparation for and throughout (successful) FAC, recognised as co-nominator
Bezhin Meadow - during (successful) FAC
Hockey Hall of Fame - during (successful) FAC
Diorama (album) - during (successful) FAC
Homer Simpson - in preparation for (successful) FAC
Paranoid Android - in preparation for (successful) FAC
Kannada literature in the Vijayanagara Empire - in preparation for (successful) FAC
Prince's Palace of Monaco - light copy-edit and partial re-referencing in preparation for main page appearance
Treehouse of Horror (series) - light copy-edit in preparation for Hallowe'en TFA appearance
Adelaide Rams - during peer review
Winter Palace and its myriad daughter articles
Jeffrey Reodica - cleanup of old article including re-referencing
Robert Kardashian - cleanup of old article including re-referencing
Kannada literature - in preparation for a second FAC
William Wardell - for some reason it was on my watchlist, and obviously needed a cleanup

Colin Mochrie - in preparation for a GAN
Alternate accounts and interesting stuff

User:Risker is a unified account, and I have contributed to several projects including Meta and Commons. Risker on the road is an account I use when I am on insecure computers; it just has a watchlist, and I rarely use it to edit anything. I am also Risker checklist, which is an account specifically created to carry a separate watchlist of stable non-BLP articles unrelated to those I usually edit, to make vandalism patrol a little easier. I hope not to do too many edits on that account. I created Risker no privs to test the proposed flagged revisions. User:Anne Criske is a doppelganger account that will not be used for editing; I created it after a vandal misread my name and was sticking it in inappropriate edit summaries and usernames. I have two other doppelganger accounts (one in my full realworld name, and the other the nick I use on another website), which are created solely to prevent vandals from usurping those names. They are recorded on the Arbitration wiki.

There are an increasing number of days when I suspect that many people and possibly the WMF itself believe this is the appropriate definition of civility.

You'll find Risker's law and Avi's corollary on Raul's laws of Wikipedia. Thanks, Avi - March 25, 2008
And now, a word from my sponsors
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