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Hey Ipatrol!! User:Ipatrol.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS: INSPIRATION FOR MY FIRST USER PAGE. THANK YOU. Your userpage was the first one I saw. I copied its format to create my first user page. Thank you. SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO GIVE YOU CREDIT. I AM SO BAD AT THIS.

Thanks to Kousekouse User:Kousekouse:

THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT USER PAGE! I found it through users:Art History. IT MAKES ME WANT TO IMPROVE MY OWN. I am struggling with my first USERBOX.


Newcomer Please be nice and patient with this New Wikipedian.

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Typecasting (Blogging)


1) Credit Ipatrol for copying his page.

2) Add some projects to my USER Page.

3) Fix my article USS LST-749 so it is not a STUB.

4) Finish my first USER BOX. You can see them at User:Riwo/Userboxes

5) Update CR Article ChiRunning


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Place Barnstars here. What is a Barnstar? Anybody?

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