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Mohamed Haleem
Born (1964-09-14)September 14, 1964
Malé, Maldives
Other names Kesto
Occupation Entrepreneur
Known for Founding Muscle Load Gymnasium, co-founder BBFM
Height 5 ft. 11 in.

Mohamed "Kesto" Haleem, (born September 14, 1964), is the founder of Muscle load Gymnasium and the co-founder of BodyBuilding Federation of Maldives(BBFM). He is a Maldivian entrepreneur well-known for the introduction of Bodybuilding in Maldives.


Mohamed Haleem, (September 14, 1964) is the founder of Muscle Load Gymnasium. He's well known among Maldivians by the name "Kesto" which has stuck with him from Secondary School.

Inspired by his friends and particularly by his own love towards the sport of Bodybuilding, he opened his personal gymnasium to the public in 1993. In 1997, Mohamed Haleem's father and his close friend Mr. M W Deen founded the Bodybuilding Federation of Maldives (BBFM). Kesto, replaced his father as the Vice-Chairman of the BBFM after his passing in 2001.

One of the other things he is well known for is his passion for Maldivian history. From what started as holding on to what his late father left behind, he has found the historian in him he didn’t know he had.

Mohamed Haleem is a founder member of:

  • Bodybuilding Federation of Maldives [1]
  • Commonwealth Bodybuilding federation
  • South Asian Bodybuilding and fitness Federation [2]
  • World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation.[3]

Early Life[edit]

Growing up with a father who was a collector of historical mementos, Mohamed Haleem was constantly enveloped with the love for tradition and culture. He is now an avid photographer and researcher on Maldivian history and holds a valuable photo archive of precious moments from our past. The historian that he is, preserving it for our coming children, he himself is painting his path in the Maldivian historical canvas.

Haleem began his education at Montessori School, Malé. He then joined Majeediyya School to complete his secondary education. Haleem worked as a Deputy Immigration Officer of Maldives for 13 years.


His father is Adam Haleem who served the government of Maldives in several posts until his death, and his mother is Shareefa Mohamed, a famed Areca nut saleswoman.He has only one sibling, Aamaal Haleem. Mohamed Haleem married Mariyam Shaira in 1983, and together they have three children, Rizwana Mohamed Haleem, Shaddad Mohamed Haleem and Shaadhoon Mohamed Haleem.


  • Certificate of Merit (IFBB) for promoting Bodybuilding and Fitness among Maldivians
  • Bronze Medal (IFBB) for promoting Bodybuilding and Fitness among Maldivians
  • Silver Medal (IFBB) for promoting Bodybuilding and Fitness among Maldivians
  • Silver Medal (IFBB) for promoting Bodybuilding and Fitness among South Asian region
  • ABBF 50th Anniversary Diamond pin


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