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Hello. I'm Robbie Honerkamp. I'm an IT manager living in Singapore (originally from Atlanta, Georgia). I don't edit articles nearly as much as I used to.

My interests are fairly eclectic though you'll most often find me working on Georgia (US State) or Africa-related topics. I also sometimes poke through pages listed as needing cleanup to see if there are any I could help with.

I'm currently working on cleaning up and writing new Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea-related entries. Recently I've been working on updating and creating new pages about the political systems of various African states- there's a lot of outdated lists of members of Cabinets, especially. I've also been writing articles that detail the history of Nigerian corporations, primarily government-owned ventures such as the Nigerian Coal Corporation, the Nigerian radio operator, the Electrical Corporation, etc.

My website is at . Contact information may be found there.


Some of my articles have been chosen for front-page WP mentions:

To-do List[edit]

  • Additional research for WAAC and Nigeria Airways articles. There is some contention over the date WAAC became Nigeria Airways... questionable sources have been cited, and these need to be replaced with better sources.
  • Rewrite Rail transport in Nigeria. Integrate "timeline" section. Add new sources from Railway Magazine. Expand Nigerian Railway Corporation (NYB p57) (HCI p75)
  • Find additional sources for Lagos Sanitary Railway - there should be enough information out there somewhere (not online tho-check journals) to make a full article on this and nightsoil operations in general.
  • Expand John Holt plc
  • Expand Transport in Nigeria with information on historical ferry services NYB 66-69)
  • Create entry for Fatai Olagunjo (Fatai Rolling Dollar). Refs:

Finished project list[edit]

I didn't used to track the pages I wrote or rewrote, but I'm going to start so that I can go back and update them in the future.


I am trying to do more research for articles from printed books and journals. It's easy to write an article using web sources, but when looking into the developing world, it can be very difficult to find detailed, accurate information on topics that are slightly off the beaten path. I do use web sources, but I recognize a main problem with them- there are few good websites that provide reliable, unbiased information about the developing world. And citing a website that doesn't itself cite its sources can lead to Wikipedia bringing in information that just isn't accurate, but because it's cited and because it's about a part of the world that most people aren't familiar with, it ends up not being checked for accuracy.

I am more than happy to help people research information for articles. I've listed a few of the books I own that I always have available for reference should someone have a question, as well as some library books I've used or are using for articles that I can get within a few days. Additionally, if there's an article that someone would like to see written, I'll consider requests. And if you happen to be getting rid of some books and would like to donate them to me, I'll happily dig into them and start working on new articles. My contact information is at the top of the page.

These sources are only books that I have used or are using for articles. I'm not trying to make an exhaustive list of possible sources.

Owned Sources[edit]

Some of these books can be very hard to find (for example, I bet I have the only copy of Salako's book on Ota outside of Nigeria), so I'm happy to provide information from them to other editors as needed. Others aren't so hard to find, but if needed I can help with them as well. Note that I now live in Singapore, and all of my Africa books are in storage in Atlanta, so I won't be able to provide timely help.

I've moved this list to my own wiki so as to not make my profile page painfully long. I'm also working on expanding the list- there are many books I haven't added yet.

Again, let me know if you need help with a reference.

Google Books[edit]


CSB Project Tasks[edit]

WikiProject: Countering systemic bias
This project creates new articles and improves neglected ones.


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