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Chemical thermodynamics[edit]

Chemical thermodynamics
Chemical thermodynamics
Irreversible process
Functions of state
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics
Intensive and extensive properties
Isolated system
Open system
Closed system
Zeroth law of thermodynamics]
Standard enthalpy of formation
Helmholtz free energy
Joule expansion
Dissipative system
Gibbs–Helmholtz equation
Adiabatic process
Free expansion
Bond energy
Bond strength
Hess's law
Chemical kinetics
Work content
Adiabatic theorem
Adiabatic accessibility
Adiabatic flame temperature
Entropy (classical thermodynamics)
Thermodynamic temperature
Rankine scale
Scale of temperature
Thermodynamic equilibrium
Second law of thermodynamics
Extended irreversible thermodynamics
Reversible process (thermodynamics)
Principle of maximum work
Loschmidt's paradox
Thermodynamic free energy
Gibbs free energy
Thermal physics
Arrhenius equation
Spontaneous process
Helmholtz equation
Entropy of mixing
Dissociative recombination
Systems of variable composition
Apparent molar property
Excess molar quantity
Partial molar property
Mole fraction
Gibbs paradox
Gibbs–Duhem equation
Margules function
Margules activity model
Gibbs isotherm
chemical potential
Raoult's law
Thermodynamic activity
Activity coefficient
Vapor–liquid equilibrium
Osmotic pressure
Henry's law
Thermodynamic state
Fundamental thermodynamic relation
Ideal solution