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    I'm Richard Leyton. Plenty more (although not particularly frequently these days) at

    Wikipedia pages[edit]

    I created:

    I am working on the following articles:

    • Draft:Glasgow Life - I'm working to get a page put together on Glasgow Life, the council organisation that runs/manages Glasgow cultural, sports, libraries and other facilities, and events.
    • Glasgow's miles better - Added a number of extra references that I'd come across.
    • Scottish Athletics - This was badly out of date, and really needed updating. I'm working to bring it up to date where practical.
      • There's a large section about Squads that I think needs reworking entirely. Awaiting feedback.
    • Ron Morrison - Current Scottish Athletics president, and his page was heavily tagged; Have addressed core issues, but seeking to find a few additions.
    • Bellahouston Park - I spend a lot of time in the park, so wanted to bring this up to date and fix remaining issues.
    • Priddy - I grew up here. During a recent visit, I realised the article about the village was a little out of date.

    Areas of interest[edit]

    I naturally have an interest in the pages I am contributing to. But there are a couple of things to declare, although I don't believe any of these amount to a COI in relation to the articles I am working on.


    Flags and things[edit]

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