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Legend for edit summary

Key Action
- Removal, deletion of something
+ Addition of something
: <action>:<what/where/why/how edited>
abc Alphabetized list, headings
c&p Copy and Paste
cap Capitalization
cat Category
chg Change
cite Citation of a source
cl Cleanup
clfd Clarified a sentence or paragraph
clnk Concordant link
cm Comment
corr Correction
cpyedt Copyedit
cpyvio Copyright violation
dab Disambiguation
dt Date
dup Duplication
entr Entry
expd Expanded
extl External (link)
fix Fixed something
fmt Changed formatting
fnt Footnote
gr Edited grammar
hd Heading
htnt Hatnote
lc Changed to lower case
lnk Link
mrg Merge
misc Miscellaneous edit
Key Action Moved <what> to <where>
new New article
oops Faux pas
para Paragraph
pg Page
qt Quote
re: Regarding
redr Redirected
redt Redundant
ref Reference
rply Reply
rm Remove
rv Reverted to previous edit, with explanation
rvv Reverted vandalism
sect Section
sen Sentence
sp Changed spelling
splt Split off (spun) into separate article
std Standard
tbl Table
tghd Tightened sentence or paragraph
tmpl Template
txt Text
typo Fixed typo
uc Changed to upper case
w/ With
wd Word
wdns Wordiness
wky Wikify
yr Year
? Unsure about edit

Comma(s) and semi-colon(s) are used to seperate actions. Examples:

+txt, -dup
gr; -txt:this, that, the other; +lnk

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