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I'm Rodrigo Nuno Bragança da Cunha, male, born in 1975.

From 2000-2013 I worked in the area of Information Technology and also Network Management Systems. Mostly developing systems for large scale network management. Now I work in the education sector, in a team that manages the IT infrastructure of a large university.

In the 2001-2007 and 2011-2012 timeframe my income was equally shared amongst my job and my investment portfolio, so I can presumably also be described as an investor. This was not valid 2008-2010, due to lack of time and market crisis.

I'm mostly self-taught (in many science-related subjects), thought I also hold a B.Sc. in Informatics and Computer Science.

Currently living in Lisboa, Portugal.

If you want to contact me you may use:


I speak portuguese and also english, and some french, spanish and italian, thought I consider myself fluent only in portuguese and english. Anyway, you can use any of those languages when contacting me, being sure I'll understand you pretty well.

I also kind-of-understand (means I don't really understand, but you can't safely assume I won't understand it when speaking next to me ;) ) latin and german but let's not try it on me, ok? :-)

My current homepage, mostly empty:

My Flickr gallery, consisting of many bulk images, and some gems:

Hobbies... well, many, but nowadays mostly:

- Photography
- Image processing... I'm working on a new raw converter, intended to process Foveon image sensor data, because
a) I have 2 cameras with such a sensor
b) no decent open source converter exists...
- Economy and finance, investment (this is not only a hobby, since it generates income...)
- Astronomy