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Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

This account was created by User:Midnightdreary for use in his role as Wikipedian in Residence at Houghton Library, Harvard University. This is a paid position, funded entirely by Houghton Library. This is a short term, part time role limited to approximately 13 weeks beginning May 22, 2014 (later extended until December 2014). In part, this account is being created so that the activity under this banner can be monitored by my supervisor. In addition, I welcome the Wikipedia/Wikimedia community as well as the community at large to follow my work and its progress, as well as offer comments or express concerns as I continue in this role.

My goal is to use this position to make digitized materials from the vast collections of Houghton more readily available on a wider scale. As such, the majority of the contributions from this account will be made to Wikimedia Commons. Where useful, these images will also be added to appropriate articles on Wikipedia and its sister projects. However, while in this position, it is not my intention to edit or create articles about Houghton Library or its subunits, or Harvard University and its associated personnel. None of these edits are meant to be promotional. Outside of this temporary role, I have no connection to the University.

For transparency, unclouded by the Edgar Allan Poe verse of my original user name, my real name is Rob Velella. I have been a registered Wikipedia editor since July 2006. During that time, I have been one of the main editors of several articles recognized by the Wikipedia community as “Good” or “Featured.” My work with Houghton will only be done under this alternative account, though I will continue working on articles related to my personal interests through my original account. I believe these reasons justify the legitimacy of this alternative account.

This account is no longer active.