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Latah County, Idaho

Springtime in Idaho - Camassia quamash


WikiProject Idaho[edit]

There is a Wikiproject for Idaho. Hopefully the project will coordinate the creation and editing of articles related to the US State of Idaho, its cities, sites, history, etc. It aims primarily to expand Wikipedia's resources on Idaho and present the state in a fair and accurate manner. Check it out.

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Short bio[edit]

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New to Wiki community on July 15, 2004.

Live in the great state of Idaho

Work in an Academic Library in Pullman, WA. at Washington State University.

Will be working on city and county sites in the North-central Idaho region and Latah County, Idaho National Register of Historic Places Also adding to articles on the Nez Perce and Coeur d'Alene tribes.


Great sites for photos[edit]

There are several sites where you can find photos available for non-commercial use with very little restrictions beyond the need for attribution. The Library of Congress is the umbrella organization for the American Memory project. Photo sites are throughout the United States in a variety of locations. Images and data found in this project are a national treasure. Happy hunting.

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