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I guess I'll be getting out of the way, then. I'm sorry to have inconvenienced you all so much by trying to be productive and helpful. robchurch | talk 15:00, 3 July 2006 (UTC)

ArbCom votes[edit]

Arbitration affects me in a minimal manner, but it does show the direction Wikipedia's attitude and so forth is taking, hence I've made various votes, explained here in brief. Longer explanations can be obtained via emailed request.

Kelly Martin (Support)
Common sense. Kelly Martin knows what this project is about and she knows exactly what needs to be done to restabilise it and keep it there.
Voice of All (Oppose)
I don't like his attitude or his flitting about all over the place. Hasn't been here long enough and isn't in the "public light" enough.
Snowspinner (Support)
Common sense. Snowspinner's not afraid to do what has to be done to keep things working, even if he pisses off a few disposable users in the process. Knows the difference between a ten-a-penny editor and a worthwhile contributor.
Flcelloguy (Support)
Helpful, confident and astute. Would be an excellent complement to Kelly and Phil in my ideal ArbCom.
UninvitedCompany (Support)
Knows exactly what arbitration is about, and is, as Kim Bruning would put it, an Arbitrator Emeritus. Perhaps it's time to take us back from the "courts" approach, back to what this is all about; dealing with disputes.